John David White

Coach Briles’ post spring assessment of White was, “Phenomenal spring…most consistent offensive player for the spring…does everything right…heckuva football player”, etc., etc.
If he has been discussed on the forum, I missed it. Would someone please fill me in on what happened to him?

Good question.

I don’t remember hearing much about him after he took that cheap shot (targeting) call at Misery last year. Seemed like he had the speed and technique to help us.

Played in three games, caught one pass, which placed him 14th on our receiving list. As for why…

Didn’t he play mostly in the slot behind Burks? Now’s his chance.

Briles likes big, tall, fast receivers. That’s pretty clear. JDW isn’t really that. Plus, KJ’s accuracy might not be yet what it needs to be in order to use a JDW effectively — as a possession guy. In fact, Briles may not really use possession receivers that much in his offense. His idea is to run, run, and hit it over the top to a big, fast guy.

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2 possible reasons (as stated above):

  1. A healthy Ketron Jackson. it was said that he had a brace on his leg in the spring but not when fall camp began.

  2. The development of Warren Thompson.

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I don’t think there are too many concerns with KJ’s accuracy given that he’s had the second best completion percentage in UA history, and could move into #1 with a good day Saturday. Did Burks and others bail him out with some tough catches? Sure, but he also had some drops that hit receivers in the worst spot possible – the hands.

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He’s not the first person who’s been talked up in spring or maybe even fall camp and never really gotten to play much… Really don’t know why it has worked out that way but I remember some other guys whose names escape me have had really impressive quotes from coaches… maybe that’s their way of just keeping everybody positive

Yeah, I largely agree. I should not really complain about his accuracy. That’s so summer of 2021. I do think the way Briles uses KJ enhances his completion percentage. But that’s to the credit of both of those guys.

Both of those WR’s seem to have a high ceiling.

Similar to Jalen Catalon’s brother Kendal. Just not enough speed. Warren Thompson quickly passed them in fall camp, as did De’Vion Warren (out in the spring) along with Ketron Jackson and Bryce Stephens. Those four are much faster than John David White and Kendal Catalon. Scrimmages and practices require lots of receivers. Games do not.

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A media guide assessment should give (potential) ticket purchasers an idea that every player on the 105-man fall camp roster is capable of winning the Heisman, or similar. Right? Wouldn’t it be something if you read, “kid needs to upgrade from a V6 to a V8 or he’ll be wasting his time showing up to practice.”


I don’t think there are any predictions like that in the media guide.

He has never been listed on the 2-deep roster at any time this year that I can recall.

Soli is one who has not come close to the hype heaped on him when he first arrived. For example, he was said to have 4.5 speed (if not 4.4). I guess you can’t really fault the players for not living up to hype that was out of line to begin with. When he started with a huge cast on his hand most of one season, I thought, man, just wait till he is healthy. He apparently has a lot of heart, just not the talent some said.

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Marsh White always looked like Superman in the spring.

I’ll bet there aren’t 10 other people here who get that reference…lol…

I kept waiting for the young man from Bonham to become our Roosevelt Leaks…didn’t turn out that way.


I keep waiting on him to mash people. He was a nice player, but never came close to what we hoped.

I did see White in the game at the end, but of course Malik was not going to be throwing any passes at that stage.

Yes I remember Marsh White. Didn’t remember him being a spring superman though.