John David White gets 305 on the bench

For the non-twitter people, 305 at 180 pounds.

Is he the one that weighed 175 when listed as a PWO


Strong kid…will get even stronger once he get’s into our program. He is a sleeper and one that could really do well for us with his abilities and speed!

Welcome back RD!

My cousin played linebacker for Crossett in the late 1960’s. He was about 5-8 or 5-9 and weighed 150 lbs. He could bench 300 pounds. I saw him play for Crossett against Pine Bluff at Pine Bluff when he was a junior. Tom made 25 tackles that night. He was a terror on defense. He later played college ball at Henderson. His teammate at Crossett was Karl Salb who played football at Kansas and was a tremendous shot putter.

Crossett was one of the first high schools in Arkansas to have a good weight training program. It is where I learned and saw the value of strength training.