John Daly

Daly has his own pizza brand and was cooking. Told it’s great.


You are saying Daly has a place in Tampa? Where?


Evidently he’s involved with a pizza company. Not sure if it’s his own or a partnership

It is in Oldsamr which is where Tampa Bay Downs is and is on the way to Tarpon Springs which is also a long drive and a long iron to Innisbrook Golf Course. Not far from Tarpon Springs, seems like a JD kind of place.

Hopefully it works out a little better for John than his steakhouse venture

Incidentally we ate at Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City and I know you approve. If you remember some fifteen years or so ago you recommended great restaurants in Nashville for my family and me. So I know you appreciate great food.

My brother told me to go to Ybor City. But I never left the hotel.

Columbia is presently booked solid for the nite

I visited a buddy in Oldsmar years ago. Nice community.

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