John Cohen likely to be new AD at Mississippi State

There are reports today that say Cohen has taken the job. Others say he’ll likely do it tomorrow.

Either way, if he does become AD, that would leave Mississippi State without a baseball coach. It’s an interesting job given the team’s recent success, the fan support and the upcoming renovation of the stadium. Obviously it’s not great timing. It will be interesting to see if Cohen promotes from within on an interim basis and tries to find someone new next spring, or tries to hire someone full-time in the fall like Auburn did last year with Butch Thompson.

There may be some Arkansas fans who wonder if Wes Johnson is a candidate there. I would be surprised if that’s the case.

This is finally official; school took three weeks to confirm the report after calling out the C-L reporter for it being untrue. Cohen’s first official decision was to hire Andy Cannizaro as head coach. He was the hitting coach and recruiting coordinator at LSU.