John Chavis's A&M defense.....OUCH

Given up 38 first half points to the juggernaut of Wake Forest.


Looks like A&M is playing like we did in the cotton bowl that year when Nutt left and we lost to Missouri.

Yikes is right…but WF has a top offense. Fact is the ACC is not that far behind the SEC these days. But I’m hoping Chavis is not the guy.

Wake had 385 total yards in the first half. :shock: :o

Irrelevant …

Only gave up 3 in the 3rd Q.

The Wake Forest Offense must be tired… :smiley:

I kid…I kid…

The A&M situation sounds like a train wreck and it’s hard for me to hang that on Chavis. Something going on internally that has 5* QB’s transferring out and a winning coach getting fired even though it’ll cost millions immediately. I’d have to think that the Chavis-Caldwell combo would be a really strong beginning to D staff.

I also think having the extra assistant slot may give CCM the opportunity to hire a lesser recruiter as coordinator if has a young go-getter to plug into that slot.