John Chavis

Well, the speculation that Chavis was over the hill and was no longer a top defensive coordinator has been proven totally false. The improvement in the defense in two SEC games is almost unbelievable. These are basically the same players that have played the last two years. The overall talent is not up to elite SEC standards, but with good coaching, they have outplayed the defense of two top 25 SEC teams. This defense is a strength of this team and no one saw this .

This defense can keep us in most games ( not Alabama ) . If the offense and special teams improve, we will be competive in most of our remaining games and will probably win a few. Keep supporting the team and give them your support…WPS

I think John Chavis may have a chip on his shoulder after all the previous comments about his decline as a DC.

I go way back with Chavis since he signed a TE of mine when he was at Tenn. but I have to be honest after watching Ta&m last yr I wasn’t really excited to see him come but have been impressed so far just got to stay healthy

I was pretty vocal about being against this hire but I will eat some crow - I was wrong about him. He and Caldwell are doing a good job. This is something I am happy to be wrong about.

These past two weeks have been nice to watch on defense. We have an SEC defense…not a great one, but it looks pretty solid. Come on offense and special teams!

We gotta be ready for Ole Miss. I don’t want to lose to those blowhards…

I remember when that question was asked at his introductory press conference - and I can’t remember who asked it - but he stared a hole in the questioner.

I knew the fire was still there at that point.

Dude has a fire. It’s a bonfire. And yes a chip. And yes a good bunch of coaches around him. And he loves Chad Morris and wanted to work with him.

We have had several long talks since his arrival. He has charm and IQ that is huge. He understands recruiting and is happy to go on the road. He has ties in Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas that are paying dividends in recruiting right now.

He brought up the question about “they say I’ve lost the fire.” He said, “Who are they? I want to talk to they.” I laughed out loud and smiled. I told him I do not think “they” would enjoy the conversation.