John chavis

Is reportedly Having a deal worked out, per Bo Mattingly. I don’t know his sources, but I’d bet he got a lead from someone.

Anyone know anything?

— also, would they possibly be trying to get it in place by tomorrow to try and atleast get some defensive guys to postpone their signing elsewhere, including A&M commits?


— also, would they possibly be trying to get it in place by tomorrow to try and atleast get some defensive guys to postpone their signing elsewhere, including A&M commits?

[/quote]Even if true, I just think it’s too late to affect those who had not already decided to wait and sign in the Feb period. But, it certainly could HELP with those who were once committed who do wait to sign.

That goes along with everything we have reported, which is that he is a top candidate for the job.

If Chavis is the one who gets hired, I still would be surprised if there is anything official on that front for another 10 days or so. Texas A&M plays its bowl game Dec. 29 and I would be surprised if either side would make any announcement before that game.

Why not? Especially since he’s not being retained.

read he has a buy out of 1.6mm which ends on dec. 30th. not sure that is correct but would make sense

Fantastic! The greatest defensive coordinator hire will have run a defense that almost tied with Idaho in total defense. This stuff writes itself.

He’s had some extremely salty defenses at LSU, and elsewhere, and A & M played a lot of freshmen this year, especially in the secondary. I think it would be a mistake to discount his ability to put a good defense on the field.

Regardless of who ends up being the DC, I don’t expect a miraculous turn around on defense in 2018. We should be a little better, but we are going to need to score a lot of points to win games.

It wasn’t just this year - his defenses all three years at A&M were average at best. Did he have salty defenses at LSU with elite talent? Yes Did he have salty defenses at Tennessee when they had elite talent? Yes

Will he have elite talent at Arkansas? No and likely never.

Will support him, but very skeptical based on what I saw of him at A&M.

Probably not as excited about the Chief, agreeing with the fact that he seemed to be very good with superior talent, not so much without it, but I seem to remember even at A&M he was pretty aggressive and ran an attacking style. I think we looked pretty passive over the years, under multiple Head Coaches and multiple coordinators. Also, someone my age should probably not say this, but I think we need a younger, high intensity kind of guy to set a tone with his defense.

I may be in minority and I hope to be wrong, but Chavis going to last place team in SEC may look like he’s being put out to pasture by football world.

I fear his best recruiting days far behind him rear view mirror and we may be prioritizing an increasingly irrelevant x and o general, when obvious program issue is Jimmy and joes.

I know new coach wants some SEC credibility and all but taking a DC the elites don’t want anymore may not be the best way to open recruiting flood gates program desperately needs.

If Chavis comes it won’t be to be an elite recruiter-he’s not and never has been. If you hire him one or two defensive assistants will have to be the dynamic recruiters. So CM will have to take that into consideration when making a decision.

The questions are: 1) Can he build the Hog defense into at least an above average unit? and; 2) Is he any more likely to do so than other, perhaps less expensive, candidates?

He’s not my first choice, but I don’t dismiss him out of hand because he could not get it done down at A & M, which as we all know perpetually suffers underperforms on the field compared to recruiting rankings.

I agree.

I just don’t see him as an elite recruiter.

He has always had loads of talent and of late could not get it done.

If you want old SEC experience bring him on as consultant.

Go get a dynamic younger guy who 18 year olds want to run through a wall to play for every game.

So if rumor is true, why is elite Chavis evidently interested in going to last place team in SEC?

This may be all we need to know I’m afraid.

I like Chavis. Always have respected his ability to coach. I know nothing about his recruiting ability but I doubt that is his strength. He would bring years of SEC experience to this staff. Which is a big deal to me. Plus he has a National Championship ring as a DC at TN.

Just because he’s been around the block for a while does not mean he’s not a good choice.

Defense will need a lot of rebuilding beginning with speed in the secondary and at LB. Get him the players and he can do the job.

That is how I feel.

Do not know if he is the best, but could be the most expensive unless Venables comes. Morris promised the best and he must deliver. On the surface, because of his salary, Chavis looks the part. Why would Chavis want to come to Arkansas? It’s a total rebuild. Not a lot of talent and none he will potentially have recruited. He would be working with a younger less experienced head coach. Conclusion: he’s out of a job and can get paid real well. What other DC jobs are open?

We all know that most coaches already know the X’s and O’s. What makes a good defense is talent and he has name recognition for all incoming classes going forward. Recruit…Recruit…Recruit.

I really hope Bo is wrong…again

I realize I am going out on a limb here…But I get the feeling you dont like the administrations selection for Head Football Coach.

Personally, I don’t think CCM has to live up to getting the “best defensive coordinator in the country” hyperbole. Certainly, he should consider whoever he gets to be the very best, whether or not that person is. (BTW, by whose standards will determine that?) Maybe he should not have said it, but I’m not holding him to that promise. He’ll get the best he can get.

I disagree about the Hogs not having enough talent. Replace Kamren Curl with Ryan Pulley and we win three more games this year. Next year add Ryan Pulley with an improved Kamren Curl and our defense will be much better.