John Chavis will see

LB Jaylen Moody of Conway, South Carolina on Wednesday.

A source said Moody just got qualified. Conway has a kid with 30 offers and the source said if Moody was an earlier qualifier he would have 20 to 30 offers. He called him a beast. As noted in the official visit list, Moody is expected to visit Jan. 26-28.

Chavis did indeed visit and Jaylen reconfirmed he was visiting Jan. 26.

Richard any way you could see us taking Moody, Parker, and Brule?

We need play makers on the back end also… I know Moody and Parker are late finds but we need to get lucky some time.


I think you’ll see Jaylen getting an offer from the Hogs very soon.

Man, I really don’t know. I’m not sure Coach Morris truly knows how this will all play out with the numbers so tight.

So with eight signees and one hard commit, then the three blueshirts, we actually have 12 already. Is that 12 of 17 or 12 of 20 (counting the blueshirts)? I know nobody is certain about the numbers.