Joey Burrow

How viable would it be to go after this guy? Leaving Ohio State. Grad transfer. Dual threat QB. Would it be an upgrade to what we have now? He has 2 years of eligibility.


I never discount anything. Numbers are very, very tight though.

Not sure - despite his pedigree of being Mr. Football in Ohio back in the day - that he would be a guy that could come right in and take the job, which is what you would need to be sure of if you were adding a graduate QB (even one that has two years).

He hasn’t been able to win the back-up job at Ohio State during his time with the Buckeyes, which would give me pause. He is 29-of-39 in mop up duty at Ohio State.

I believe the Razorback staff believes in their future at QB - with Kelley and Storey at least to start this season, especially Connor Noland and possibly adding KJ Jefferson - that they wouldn’t look for a rental.

Now if had been someone like Shea Patterson, that would be another story.

I know they told one QB they’re focused on Conner and John Stephen.

LSU is on him … 109c8.html

not that anyone should want to read a re-capitulation of the unfortunate weekend in BR for both softball and baseball, but it is clear that LSU salvaged a modicum of success not expected for both teams.

Were talking about Kelly Bryant but not this guy?

Watch his spring game video…he went off. Has great passing ability, and is very mobile. We could use him right now.

I really hope that this staff at least spoke to this guy. If LSU ends up with him, he will torch us.

From what ive been reading, he his a Cincinnati lean

I couldn’t agree more. He can really go. Sometimes kids just kind of get lost behind really good, older players. I think he would be the best QB on campus immediately. Maybe they did talk to him…who knows