joehogwild. What's your take?

Lotta sunshine pumping around here concerning wins. Would love to get your take about the upcoming season. (if you made the switch to the new board)

now we are asking for negativity? Wow you gotta love the message board culture. Well now the “realistic fans” are going to come out of the woodwork and tell us all how more intelligent they are than us.

I don’t think it’s about negativity. Joehogwild is just a knowledgeable poster who is respected by many. And you can’t blame people for a little skepticism. There was a lot of sunshine last pre-season too but September was very disappointing. CBB has gotten better every year and I think we’ll see more improvement this year. But yes, let’s be realistic, we play in the SEC West. So every game is going to be a battle. If anyone thinks we are going to go out there and blow people out week after week they need to back off the Kool Aid.

Exactly. Thank you, HogQ.

And, not sure where the negativity was in my post. :?: Just stating an observation and asking the opinion of another poster that I enjoy reading’s opinion.

Last preseason’s predictions certainly lulled me into believing that the year would be pretty special in terms of wins; soon to be let down in September (as were many others, i believe). Pardon me for putting my guard up, but please do not call me negative.

This time of year talk of big wins get fans hyped up and excited

We find out early if we can correct our slow start Septembers

It’s a fair question and hope we have the ability to deliver


I don’t think it’s about negativity. Joehogwild is just a knowledgeable poster.
[/quote] After JWill went down last season Joe said the Hogs would likely struggle (at the start). We did, tremendously. That was a very good call. One would think the coaches would have had a better contingency plan since Joe saw the weakness.

So I guess that Alex Collins with over 1500 yards was not a contingency plan, guess it was just blind luck.

I worry about the running backs.

The ones we are told will carry the load haven’t played a down since injury last year.

We are hopeful for them and relying on a freshman.

And a depleted O line.

I believe.

But Pls forigive me if a few concerns

Lord knows I don’t think I am more intelligent than others. I do tend to have lower expectations than many. 36 years of following the Hogs has tended to temper my expectations.

I will go with 6-6. Its not that I don’t think we will be better than last year, I do. But our schedule is brutal. Hope like heck I am SO SO SO wrong. I hope like heck we get 9 + wins (sign me up for 15-0 and national champs please!!)

The back handed comment about sunshine pumping by the OP seemed less than “positive”. We have challenges this year, but we have the same challenges and schedule EVERY year. In fact this year is a better schedule since we get our toughest games at home. In fact, many of our opponents are breaking in new Olines and QB’s just like we are. Are we counting on some NEW players to fill major voids? Yes. I don’t know if it will be successful but the talent is much better than we have had in a long time. The new players we are asking to fill major voids are high quality players, but they could crap out and our season would suffer. I don’t think the recent culture on the hill will let them completely crap out. It is summer and this is undefeated season and full of sunshine, but my opinion is that we are better developed than we have been in a few years.

The QB is a 3rd year JR but he has the best group of WR’s and TE in recent memory to bail him out. The RBs are a 6th year senior, a Soph that played very good until his injury, a Journeyman Athlete, and a much heralded FR RB that was nationally ranked and has proven the ranking to be legit. The oline has 2 solid starters returning, A UT transfer with starting experience that has proven their value in Fall camp, but we have 2 spots that are up in the air. 1) We have a stud Dlineman that is playing oline for the first time, but has proven himself in fall camp after a so-so spring. 2) we have a problem at the RT that appears to be a committee.

I thought the reason we had problems last year was that Enos and Pittman were not on the same page. Enos was calling tons of plays that required the Oline to pull for Screens, but our Oline was not capable of pulling like Enos wanted. Enos called so many pass plays that we lost our rhythm and physical nature early in the season. Our Defense was a perfect storm problem because our pass rush was marginal in combination with Corners that could not play press coverage. Our Corners gave 7-10 yard cushions so the quick pass and slant were thrown before a Dlineman could get close to the QB. As I remember it, Alex Collins did very well last year and we had great balance in pass/run?

Beg pardon Hog Treat, but are we all required to have the same opinion and outlook on the coming season? If so, I don’t see much point in paying for access to this board. I enjoy getting several different takes from different points of view. I know which posters wear the rose colored glasses and which ones consider the glass half peed in. I kind of like to read them both.

Pretty sure you are going to draw some negative reaction when you use this phrase. It is a phrase that chronically dour people use to denigrate optimistic fans. Does not have a single positive connotation. It is snide and condescending.

You seem awfully sensitive. I’m not a moderator. I am just a poster with an opinion too. I think we have good debate here and both sides are represented, but this is pre-season and we are UNdefeated like every other fan base that is excited. Making a crappy remark about the sunshine pumping is only going to poke the tiger. I too want both sides to be represented, so don’t get upset when your negative post gets an opposing response. We are all on the same team.