Read elsewhere he will participate in nba draft evaluation but not hire an agent. Anyone else heard this?

Players had until April 22 to declare for the draft. If he did declare, the UA never released any information about it, which would be unusual.

Not true. Getting ready for his sophomore season.

thanks, why i asked on this board. information is reliable, thanks richard

LOL Was it Greenwood?

That maybe where he heard it, but as soon as the season ended, your boy McPherson said it was “a rumor out there.”

His dad made it clear to both Richard and I that it is simply an old rumor that has never had any validity and certainly does not now.

They are all about Arkansas.

Haha. That dude is mos def not my boy.

I much prefer that we are consistently right over someone who is consistently wrong.

It’s why we don’t traffic in rumors on this site.

I know that bums some out at times, but just think it is the best approach.

Cool to be first and accurate, but most important to investigate and be accurate.

Per someone else on that site, all of their “media members” confirm with at least two “sources” before putting out any info.

I’m curious as to who their “sources” are, because they seem to be wrong a lot.

Kind of like one of them used to have “30 plus years covering Recruiting and Razorback sports” in his twitter bio. LOLOLO

It’s their children Baked…they ask them their thoughts on it and if they think it sounds good they run with it!

Oh…and the dogs, when the children are not home!

Some people talk to their fish & plants to. Not sure about the responses they get.