Joe T. Robinson OL E'marion Harris one of nation's best 2022 prospects (story)

What!!! 6’ 255 as a 10 year old!! Jethro Jr…my word!! We need to get that boy :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s nuts, isn’t it?

Incredible!! Hate to have to feed that youngin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

DD, RD, what happened to Elliot, his older brother? Would be a frosh at college now, I always assumed he’d be a Razorback if we could keep him from other SEC schools, he was so huge and mobile in 8th grade, but he was never recruited by then if boys?
Good kids, good family and I believe Hog legacy


E’Marion told me yesterday that Elliott, Jr. was home working on things and would enroll in school somewhere next fall.

thank you! hope it all works out for him, I haven’t seen him since my son played with him in 8th grade, but was a very good kid then.