Joe starts off hot with 29, Portis begins tonight

New NBA season is under way and Joe Johnson began his 16th season with 29 points on a 75% shooting. Joe began the season 682 points short 20,000 career points. If he reaches that mark by end of the season, he will be the 46th in the history of NBA to do so.

Joe had his usual array of jumpers, floaters and threes. Even had a couple of crossover dribbles. When Joe has it going, he is unstoppable. Does look a step slower , but still going strong at 35.

Bobby Portis starts his second NBA season tonight for the Bulls on TNT.

Joe’s game has aged very well but this might be his last year that can be a top 7-8 player on a good team.

Before I watched him last night, I thought the same. But now, I feel it is more like 2 to 3 years. He has Ray Allen type of durability in him.