Joe needs to add to his game some

Mid range jumper, drive to the hoop etc when he’s off his 3 game he’s invisible out there. With Jones out we need Joe to step up thank god for Sills and Whitt picking up some scoring here today…15 min in the 2 Nd half Joe 2 for 9 and 2 for 8 on the 3 ball

yeah he really does b/c he’s basically a stand alone 3 pt shooter right now.doesn’t even try to drive

Yea 10 min left he’s taken 1 shot that’s not a 3 ball from our best or 2 nd best offensive player…not gonna hack it

I think he has, but the issue for him is whenever he gets the ball, he’s doubled up a lot. Especially, if he drives in any way.

Yea I get that, great players always are he needs to figure it out if for sure, at this point he’d be better coming back, doesn’t look nba ready to me

Joe doesn’t even have an official shot in the last 14 min of the 2 nd half

Joe will look really good in a Razorback uniform next season and will really make us a team to deal with.


In the zone there are 3 players actually putting defensive attention on him! Without Jones on the floor he is a marked man! He does need to add to his game but look at what he is facing.
I would also like his see his 3 go in the hole. He is just rushing when he does get a shot.

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Agree here Army, 2 for 10 ain’t gonna work, 4 asst to 3 TO ain’t gonna work come SEC play

Hard to drive and penetrate against a packed in zone. I will say a 3 point shooter’s eyes should light up against a zone but we just couldn’t figure the zone out.

After the last two games we will see a lot more zone now.

True on the zone razorblack, probably not wording right and love Joe but to get 1 shoot in the last 15 min in a tight game and shoot 2 for 10 being our star he needs to figure out other ways to score, desi did, whitt did we are gonna need other ways to score when your 3 ball is off

We could figure it out Bailey, Harris. Sills and anyone not named Joe were left wide open! Jones and Joe protect each other. We had an offensive challenged team today without Jones and won! It’s a good win especially without Jones.
The turnovers where Bailey and Chaney have the ball out high continue to kill the hogs. Whitt and Sills saves the hogs on offense and Chaney was a beast on the boards.

Chaney only had 1 TO Bailey did have 3

Look and when and where Chaney’s turnover happened! That’s my point. The early turnovers by Bailey were just as bad but not at winning time!

Got ya Army still big win GoHogs

Yes sir it was a big win short handed.

It would help if the other players could produce. He’s not just doubled up. He’s been taken completely out and forced to give up the ball. Players are wide open that he’s passing it to but they can’t do anything with it. Mason not being in game just made it even worse. We need other guys to step up.

Joe is an extremely good long range shooter suffering from a cold snap in his 3 point shooting. It will get better, but the opponents focus on him will make it difficult to shot 41% from 3 this year. When Desi’s. 3 point shot starts dropping, that should take a lot of the additional pressure off Joe. Also Joe still needs another year to put on weight and strength. Muss can help fix part of this with scheme. In the future, he will be coaching a team that is deep and has multiple 3 point shooters and that will solve this problem.

Joe is suffering from playing on a very short and depthless team, the last game without their top scorer (with no replacement available).

Georgia Tech, playing at home, has the #2 defense in the ACC.

This is not a great team; fortunate to be 7-0.

DaBore, you may right about tired legs. Muss thinks that tired legs are not a problem. I expect the next 2 months will tell the tale. I hope that Muss is right.