Joe Morgan dies at 77

At his California home. No cause of death listed. It’s been a bad year for losing baseball greats for sure.

Oh no!

:cry: :cry:

I never saw Joe Morgan play, so my knowledge of him is as a broadcaster, and for my money there has never been a baseball announce team as good as he and Jon Miller.

One of my favorites growing up. I wasn’t a Cards fan, I was a Big Red Machine fan.

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He was probably the best all around player in MLB for 2-3 years.

Ouch, my generation of MLB players is dying out quickly. It was a simplier game then,
16 teams, two leagues, the two winners played in the World Series. 154 game schedule.

Joe Morgan never played in that era, Bob. He started out with one of the original expansion teams in Houston and always played 162 game schedules. Divisions and playoffs came along in 1969.

Yeah, I just considered him an old timer. I was a Dodger fan when it was Brooklyn.

Yeah, what a team. Same lineup for years and years, those days are long gone.
Morgan was a great player and did a good job in the booth.

Great player and even a better person, very humble and genuine.
RIP Joe Morgan.

@MattJones is right. Those Sunday night broadcasts with Jon Miller were great.

Also, was must read in Monday

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Loved him in the booth.

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RIP Joe,
superb all around baseball player.

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