Joe Lunardi on LR radio yesterday

He talked a lot in addition about a lot of teams and why he placed each one in what spot. I can see why he predicts the brackets that accurately.

I don’t see where he gets this. We are sitting in the Top 30 of the NET, with the same KenPom rankings as the last 2 seasons (in almost every category) where we were a 3 and a 4 seed. I don’t think we need to lose any more home games, but if we win half the games remaining and one or two in the SECT, we are going to be sitting at 22-12 (9-9), which should get us a 10 seed. My prediction, which isn’t worth much, is at worst we finish 24-10 (10-8), and get a solid 7 seed. Best case (unlikely) we roll the table and finish 27-8 (10-6) and land a 4 seed.

Thought Lunardi said the same thing you are saying about Arkansas has to do minimum to get into the tournament. He is saying if we lose one of the home games and don’t win any on the road, we would be on the bubble.

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yea, makes sense.

Lunardi posted this graphic to Twitter within the last hour.

Wow, he put Miss State in.

As of right now, they should be.

He has us much lower ranked than the NCAAB NET rankings. They have us currently #23 and he has the Hogs ranked at #35. This late in the season, Lunardi usually is much closer to the NET rankings.

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