Joe Kleine takes Coach K to task

On this morning’s radio show hosted by Pat Bradley and Justin Acri, Big Joe was highly critical of Coach K of his coaching in the Kansas game.

Of course Joe has big man bias. He said if we are going to criticize Mike Anderson for not getting the ball to Gafford enough, we must be fair and point out that in the last 10 minutes of the game, Duke guards consistently failed to get the ball to Marvin Bagley and kept dribbling and jacking up threes. He pointed out how Bill Raferty kept saying “get the ball to him”, especially after the Kansas big guy fouled out.

Pat Bradley has pointed this out in the past about Duke guards for the past few years ever since Coach K shifted to more of an uptempo style.

To my eyes, it is just not Coach K, it is how college basketball is played now by most teams. It has become a guards game, where guards control the ball until they see the right play and make it by either passing the ball or driving to the hoop or hitting threes. Threes are getting deeper and deeper as if the guards are trying to show they can hit the NBA three.

Bagley was a man before he stepped foot on Duke’s campus

He is something else. Coach K said there has been no one like him on his teams in all the years of his coaching. That is high compliment.