Joe Kleine said

This Alabama team is the best team the Hogs have played since Muss has been here. I don’t remember the exact words, but he compared them to the great Duke teams of them past.

Since NS Jr isn’t available, Bama has the best freshmen class in the SEC, according to Kleine.

With all that said, he said we are capable of pulling off the upset in BWA.

He made these statements on LR Radio this morning…the buzz.

Yeah I can see why he would say that. They have no weakness, unless we can get turnovers and get in transition I’m not sure how we’re going to be able to score in the half court because they’ve got a very agile 7-footer that is going to block or alter any shot around 5 ft of the basket which is how we score most of the time… We know we’re not going to score from the perimeter very often. This is just going to be a very tough matchup but I know the crowd will make us play incredibly hard so I’m hopeful that that will be enough for us to pull the upset but this has the potential to be a long night if we shoot them ball bad.Go Hogs WPS

I do not expect to win. With our two injured players? Probably a different answer.

We are still a good team. But, not what we all hoped for due to injuries.

Does that mean we shouldn’t play the game or give up? NO. I didn’t think we would beat UNC in 1984 either!

If we beat them in Bud Walton it wont be an upset


Our injuries, their #4 ranking. And the game is still “pick em”. Due to Muss and home court.

We literally played the national champion two years ago. What a ridiculous comment by Joe

We have a long history of beating just about anyone at BWA before Muss and now with Muss. Literally every coach from Nolan to Muss has been able to use the energy of the BWA crowd to win at BWA.


Maybe yes, maybe no. Remains to be seen.

That seven footer gets in frequent foul trouble though.

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That would be my game plan to take it right at him because he tries to block everything and hopefully we can get him in foul trouble early… that would be a great help

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The place will be absolutely rocking hopefully that will inspire us to play like we are capable of playing and maybe a little better

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You have to score to win. It will be very difficult for this gang to score against this team. I expect a double digit loss.

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I expect us to win every game in the Bud. I expect that the team and Muss expect us to win every game in the Bud. I don’t care what kind of team we have.

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Alabama is battle tested and appears elite this year. How has Oats done it so quickly? That said, we win in BWA!

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The best team Muss has played, makes the win even sweeter.

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I expect us to go to the middle, amongst the trees, and try to draw fouls for the majority of our scoring–on free throws.

Why can’t Bama be better than the national champ 2 years ago?

Because it’s January 11

No. Even in January a team can be better than a previous national champion. I have no opinion if Bama is better than that Baylor team, but Joe Kleine is someone who might very well know.

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