Joe Johnson and Teddy Gipson

are playing right now in the BIG3 on channel 5.

Teddy hasn’t aged.

Joe was killing’em. Backing them down and 3s. His team was down 13 and he scored 24 of their 37 2nd half points to win.

Fun to watch and if he wanted he could still play in the NBA. Not big minutes, but he could make a team IMO.

If I’m an NBA coach, I want Joe on my team. He does everything right. He loves and works on his game, he has cred with the kids of today and he takes care of his body (vegan).

Great example for the young guys.

I believe Gipson replaced Jannero Pargo on the team. Pargo played first 2 games before he took up assistant coaching job in the NBA.

Through 3 games, Joe is averaging 24.6 pets per game. And the Triplets team is 3-0.

Does anybody know what Teddy Gipson is doing these days (besides playing with Joe)? Brandon Dean too. I don’t ever hear about them being around.

Don’t know what Teddy is doing now, but he had a very successful pro career overseas in the Netherlands and couple other places. He like Joe is still in excellent shape. … r?POW=NED1