Joe Johnson and Arkansas Hawks join forces

I don’t know all the AAU teams. Is this a good thing for Arkansas? I remember “He who shall not be named” aka “Bidness Decision” did something with AAU that pissed everyone off.

I think so. Bill Ingram runs a good program. And he’s sent plenty of kids to the Hill, including Daryl Macon, Desi Sills, Isaiah Joe and Ethan Henderson.

Former Razorback can’t hurt. That said at the end of the day kids will do what they want.

Is this intended to offset the move by the Monk’s and the Wings? Or is it a coincidence?

It’s mostly about money. Joe can get lots of sponsors plus he has deep pockets to back the organization.

Its not easy running an organization with multiple teams without some serious cash or sponsors. Joe won’t have a problem with this.

This. It takes a ton of money. Not sure the average fan understands how much.

Pretty sure Joe Johnson is a Razorback thru and thru! Didn’t he have a badass huge diamond Razorback chain made?

This is good stuff. This is a lot better than Joe giving chunk of cash to the Razorbacks. By Joe sponsoring Hawks, it will have a long term impact on the development of young talent in Arkansas. And there is no one better at it than Bill Ingram. Advantage Razorbacks.

Also, Bill often talks about wanting to attract talent from surrounding states, which should benefit Hogs. Remember Reg Perry had committed to the Hogs before signing with Miss State.

Monks spinsoring Wings should incur the same benefit, but I am not sure of the Monk agenda and I don’t see a Bill Ingram on the Wing side with the business savvy.