Joe Johnson, a 4 point specialist

Joe has been torching the Big 3 League (3 on 3), where his Triplets top the standings. Joe has now won 3 games so far by a hitting a game winning 4 pointer. Yes, they have a 4 pointer in this league, that is a bit deeper than the 3. In today’s game, Triplets rallied from down 35-20 and won on a step back 4 by Joe to win 50-48. Per rules of the League, first team to reach 50 wins the game.

And here it is:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -4-pointer”></LINK_TEXT>

Joe is just a great shooter. His size and touch elevates his game to a super star level in this league. Of course, his NBA career was a string of all star game appearances and max contracts. He also played a key role in the Hogs only SEC tournament title. Congrats on your new game and keep winning.

It’s fun to watch. They might be on to an alternate league of basketball that hangs around.

I think you are right. In fact, 3 on 3 is going to be an Olympic sport.

For the upcoming Olympics?

Yes, in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Have done some reading on this. Rules for qualification are confusing. Not sure if I understand them clearly. But as it stands today, I understand US men have not qualified, but women have.

Interesting, I had no clue