Joe Gibbs/Doug Williams piece on.....

Super Bowl pre-game was one of the best I’ve even seen. Doug was the first African American QB to win a Super Bowl. The story showed both Doug and Joe visiting about the special relationship they shared then and now. It featured Joe’s family and the relationship Doug has with them. Doug was an inspiration for many young African American young men and he gave them hope that they could play QB in the NFL. Credit Joe for stepping out to pursue Doug when everyone else thought African Americans could not be successful QB’s in the NFL.

Doug is a Sr. VP with the Redskins now. Joe Gibbs is a very successful NASCAR team owner. I was involved in NASCAR for a few years and I can tell you Gibbs is the most respected owner in the game.

I enjoyed that.

I remember when Doug played for Tulsa in USFL (that team didn’t last). I met him during a pick-out-your-seat session at Skelly Stadium. What a nice guy. I began following him then and I was thrilled for him when he won the Super Bowl.