Joe Foucha

starts off Recruiting Thursday tonight.

7- S Joe Foucha

715- OL commit Ryan Winkle

730- DE Caleb Okechukwu

745- DE Dorian Gerald’s JC coach Ted Iacenda

Listen on 92.1 FM in Fayetteville; 95.3 FM in Fort Smith; 96.3 FM in Hot Springs; 104.3 FM in Harrison/Mountain Home; and 106.9 FM in Arkadelphia or online at

Will you be able to posts these interviews on here rd? I don’t get those channels, guess I could follow that link above.

I can answer that, in that I have asked many times before for him to post the interviews or at least highlights of the interviews. NO! You want to know, then listen, period.

It’s radio.

I tried the link and couldn’t find, I’ll just wait and see what others have to say.

Great first interview, he said ole piss was just alright! Love our chance with him after his WPS!!

Wow Caleb is a impressive young man, has a awesome head on his shoulders!! I hope we land him.

With Gerald’s coach saying I hope ark gets Gerald has to be a big plus! Coach sounds like a awesome guy. Great job RD and thx for the link!!

I think this young man can be a difference maker like S. Harris.


Did Foucha take a visit this weekend?


I really hope we sign this guy. I am not a talent evaluater by an means but he just seems like he has some “dog” in him…and we need that.

I know this doesn’t mean anything, but he visited Ole Piss after us, took the normal “pose in the uniform” pictures, yet still has the Arkansas picture as his profile picture… gotta mean we at least have a chance.

I will be very surprised if he’s not a Razorback.

Richard, how about Brule? Do you think Hogs get him or do you see him going to Miss-Stake, I mean State.

Did before the visit. We’ll see afterwards.

I just have a better feeling on Brule and Foucha than I have had on other late recruits in the past. They both appear to be able to make plays!

trust me, Ole Piss KNOWS we gonna get him!!!