Joe decision #12 on Big Decision list

Joe was #72 and Mason #78 on the Athletic big board just released, if Garza is risky then Joe is way beyond that… If he is ready to play other than NBA or Arkansas then he should stay in and recapitulate Scotty Thurman. Honestly, from my perspective his delay is getting tedious because he is not advancing up or down any prospects board for the draft. He seems to have settled in at his level and I doubt any future info is forthcoming that will make a difference as to where (if?) he will be drafted. IJ still has a shot to provide a positive pop if he decides to come back and makes that announcement, if it drags out then it just becomes this may not have been what I wanted but I will do one more year on the Hill. Casey Martin redux? ( Casey talent was higher than drafted slot but that is because the draft is talented as it is for I Joe).

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