Joe Burrow to LSU

guess he knows the history and went anyway, but he is a talent to reckon with and will put the Tiggers in a near favorite role if he is as good as his reputation: … 39c54.html

I don’t get why this kid would head to the Bayou to play for Steve Ensminger and Coach O. Ensminger was a dud at Clemson 20 years ago and had a modicum of success as an interim OC in 2016, but that did not assuage the doubts that are deserved for Ensminger play calling skill. Strange move by Burrow, talent abounds but the system seems to be destined to suck.

A kid at OSU probably wants to go somewhere with similar talent. LSU has that.

Will this do anything to help with the coaching/play calling? Anything more to consider or worry about?