Joe Burrow is making plays

… similar to those made by Patrick Mahomes. Wow.
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He makes something out of nothing. Wow!

The Sooner fans are fuming about the refs. And they have a point. Kinda makes me smile seeing them get hosed.

Geaux Tigers!


He’s unbelievable!we will see how good the Joe Brady offensie is when they don’t have Joe burrow making those throws that are absolutely impossible to defend. He’s making throws that very very few quarterbacks will make or even attempt

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Burrow’s success can be attributed to his offensive line. He can take his time picking a defense apart.

Love it Marty!

When recruits come to the Catfish Hole, a list of their offers is frequently read. If they are an OU recruit, we respond “NO”. Of course, that is because of what you get when you turn the logo upside down.

Burrow’s success can be attributed to Brady…period. . He put him in a system that doesn’t waste his talent, and allows him to reveal his talent. As well as his line and receivers. System did this. Talent has always been at LSU.

Without this system his the old Burrow in an old wasteful system.