Joe and Jones

Both 4-8 fgs tonight in wins. All of Joe’s were 3s and all of Jones’ were 2s.

Wish they were still scoring for their college team another year.


I watched some of the Rockets’ game, saw Mase playing and his last basket. That was his career high so far in both points (9) and minutes (14), He’s played in all four games since he came off the COVID list.

IJ has been in double figures for the last four games. Only played 19 minutes last night in a blowout but still got 12. His average is up to 7.3.

Mason Jones scored 24. I believe he started. Lost to Spurs.

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Yep Mase started Saturday night; also had 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Rockets are really shorthanded now; they only played 8 players against the Spurs. They got guards Victor Oladipo and Dante Exum in the Harden megatrade but they’re not available yet. Oladipo should be activated for tomorrow’s game at Chicago so we’ll see what that does to Mason’s minutes. Exum is injured and out until March.

IJ played 16 minutes and scored 6 points last night in a loss at Memphis,

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