Job requirement-ability to hire good staff

As we’ve seen recently, the best intentioned HC in the world will have problems if he can’t hire a good staff. No new HC is going to allow the school to dictate whether he retains current coaches or who he will hire as his OC/DC. So the question becomes threefold: 1) who has hired at his other HC jobs; 2) performance of those staffs; and 3) does he have the contacts, salesmanship to attract SEC level staff?

I hope that someone involved in the HC hiring process has the ability to evaluate the information needed to answer those questions correctly.

Absolutely agree, it should be a huge factor.

I don’t think a 36 year old will be able to land any home run coordinators because he hasn’t had enough time to get the necessary connections.

His staff at Memphis is full f Arizona State staff he took with him. That’s not happening if he comes to Arkansas, that D.C. Is nothing but a body on the sideline. H