J'Marick Woods

Can anyone tell me that he still has a committable offer from Michigan. Or is Harbaugh saying they have one less commit total. If that is the case I think he is Arkansas bound over Miss St.

He is going to be a LB correct? Not a safety? I haven’t seen to many 6’4 S in college football the last…10 years. That changed with the spread.

I’ve asked this before, but didn’t really get an answer. I understand what a “commitable offer” is (it is an offer to give a player a scholarship to play a sport), but what the heck is a “noncommitable offer?” I do not honestly understand that concept. Is there an offer or not? If there is an offer how can it NOT be commitable? If there isn’t “commitable offer” how can there be an offer???

To me, if you don’t have a “commitable offer” you DO NOT have an offer.

Well since the kids have the option to change their minds, so do coaches as well if someone they think is better hops aboard.

Of course that is the case. If that is the definition “noncommitable offer” then ALL offers are “noncommitable.”

What I am talking about is you see debate on here all the time about whether player A has a “commitable” offer from school X. I DO NOT understand what that question is about. IF player A has an does NOT have an offer that he can accept, then he does not have an offer. Period. OU maybe showing interest in him, may even be asking him to come in for an official visit, but if they have offered him, they have, if they haven’t, they haven’t. You can’t be “kind of pregnant.”

I fully understand that schools change their minds (gets them a bad rep if they do after a kid has accepted the offer) but that is true for every single offer. It could be the #1 recruit in the world, the school CAN (I get that it won’t, but it can) tell the kid 2 hours before signing day “we have changed our mind, you no longer have an offer.” Does that mean all offers are “noncommitable?” Of course not.

So, again, what in the world is a “noncommitable offer”? Anyone???

All schools have a board listing their top targets at each position. Guys farther down the list usually have to wait until guys above them make their decisions or coaches force them to decide.

I would think that when an offer is put forth to a prospect from a college HC or the Coach recruiting him that the terms of that offer are laid out right there and then. Now I’m not sure if that is the case, in fact I’m sure some are mislead from the beginning.

This whole committable / noncommittable offer stuff is something conjured up on social networks like here.

I understand that completely. So, those guys DO NOT have offers, right?

I’m going to try to say this w/o starting a fight but Dudley said in a rather infamous thread last week that this staff never does that. He was adament about that. I find this interesting.

Coach B, Barry Lunney, Jr. and recruiting coordinator EK Franks have been very clear that when Arkansas puts an offer on the table, the kid can commit immediately

There are a few things that it can be pulled for: grades, character, cussing or mistreating a female member of you family or legal issues

That is told to the recruit at the time the offer is extended

Once the number of scholarships at a certain position is filled, obviously it is no longer available

To be clear, pulling an offer that has been accepted is a VERY different issue that what I was asking about. Totally different topic. Having a Board where you have players who are your first choices, who have offers, and having others behind them WHO DO NOT HAVE OFFERS YET but will get one if a guy ahead of them turns us down, that too is a very DIFFERENT ISSUE than what I was asking about.

And what I have tried to stress and communicate is that - according to coaches - when they offer a kid, he has the ability to commit right away.

They are saying they do not issue non-committable offers.

But obviously when the numbers get filled up a position - unless the kid is a superstar - then the kid is out of luck.

Bielema will be at his school at noon. He and the defensive staff will do an in-home tonight.