JJ Meadors

Not sure who might be friends with JJ on Facebook, but here’s some of what he posted about an hour ago. He gave permission to share.

J.j. Meadors
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We are all Passionate about the HOGs, Razorback Football, and that goes along with it. However, let’s not get beside ourselves!

J.j. Meadors I really like or our young Skillz Guys. QB/RBs/WR if you blow this thing up…we’re starting back over at Zero. I think we can “hope” for the best for the remainder of this season. The next 3 years will be pretty good! (I think/Hope) A lot people want B out! I just want to see us winning, sooner than later!

J.j. Meadors I think we may be closer next year to where we want to be with Coach B here

I respect JJ Meadors and appreciate his comments as much as I appreciate Matt Jones for offering his - great Razorbacks.

That said, I wonder why he and so many others assume hiring a new coach would mean " starting over" implying Arkansas will be down for an extended period of time or least longer than they otherwise will be if Bielema is retained?

Danny Ford is fired after two 4-7 seasons and Houston Nutt is hired and Arkansas goes 9-3 and 8-4. Would they have under Ford? No way to know for sure and perhaps new ideas, enthusiasm, etc. is what was needed.

Frank Broyles retires after a 5-5-1 season and Lou Holtz takes the state by storm 11-2, 9-2-1, and 10-2.

Lou Holtz’s final team wins 6 games. Ken Hatfield betters that in year one and wins 10 games in year two.

Houston Nutt matriculates to Oxford and Bobby Petrino’s first team finishes 5-7 and in his second year matches the win total of Nutt’s final team and in years three and four is riding high with10 and 11 win seasons.

I’m sorry, but the Arkansas experience suggests changing coaches does not mean years spent in the wilderness. In fact it has proven to be the opposite.

Correct. Same can be said for Crowe replacing Hatfield and Ford replacing Crowe.

Ford did say whoever coached Arkansas in 98 was going to inherit a good team. I think that could be said for 2018.

Or it could start trend that Tennessee is in since they got rid of Fulmer in 2008. I don’t think Tennessee was in as bad of shape as Arkansas when Bielema took over.

The thing with hiring ad firing coaches is that it is a crap shoot. You never know if a coach’s success will be reproduced at another institution. All Universities experience this; Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan. There are always “Sure Fire” hires that go awry…

I am going to keep going back to our line play. O-line play has been like marshmallows. Don’t think we have the right o-line coach. D-line we aren’t bad there but we can’t get any pressure just rushing 3 guys. Opposing QBs just have too much time to pick the inexperienced secondary apart.

CBB is responsible for it all. He fired Markuson during the middle of the season. Maybe he needs to do the same thing with Anderson.

I approve of this message

So your comparisons are from more than 20 years ago and some 40 years ago?? Um this is a different world we live in. Recruiting is completely different. Loyalty is completely different. I appreciate your positive take on a new coach, but I just don’t think it works like that today. Too many programs have to rebuild, unless they cheat. Do you have a program comparable to us in prestige, success (or lack thereof), geographically, in the last 0-7 years that didn’t miss a beat after 2 bowl seasons in 6 years?? That would be the better analogy that I’d be interested in.

Petrino matched Nutt’s last team’s win loss record in year two. Years three and four were fantastic.

Happened less than ten years ago.

We accept one former player speaking out and reject the other because one fits our narrative but the other one doesn’t. Personally, I like J.J. Meadors’ idea, but that’s my narrative.

I respect JJ he knows more about Arkansas and more about football than I

But that knowledge may also blind him

The facts are - we are seeing a significant regression in skill and ability

Arkansas is not worthy of its resources - which are many - and is not worthy of a fan base That remains loyal for so little performance - the record does not lie

Arkansas may not need a new coach as a total overhaul

We fire coaches and get the same result - what is it about Arkansas that cause the football team to so reliably under perform to hopes and expectations ?

Firing the coach alone may be simply a scapegoat that does not cut out the root of the real problem

If Arkansas simply can’t perform and lacks the ability as it’s record in the SEC suggest
Maybe it’s time to accept the fact The data and record shows - Arkansas cannot recruit and compete in the upper levels of college Football and Mizzou is really who we belong with - after all - we cannot seem to beat them either - and they are the worst team in the SEC

Did you not watch Arkansas in 2010 and 2011? Don’t let Bielema’s incompetence make you forget that Arkansas finished 12th and 5th in the country. If the HC has been a good human being the good times could have continued.

Hire another great offensive mind and we can be a top 20-25 program.

I think that is the textbook definition of defeatism.
Probably most athletic contests are lost between
the ears before the game scores are finalized.

I think JJ Meadors believed they would win the game
that day in Tuscaloosa. The first Razorback win
against Alabama. He was also a winner in Track and Field.

Winners believe they can and will win.

I watched us get smacked by Ala and LSU and finish 3rd in the west ,the same 3rd we were with CBB

No higher with either.

CBP with better players that Nutt left could not win the SEC .

CBB has better players now, real young but talented.

Even you with all your hate for CBB has to see that.

Is he a great game day coach, maybe /maybe not but CPB had one of the worst def period. better than CBB now but I believe that will change with more exp

If your goals are to win the SEC who is this savior you speak of???

The ones you toss out there are either ok coaches or waiting for bigger jobs.

You will be pretty sad when we are winning more and hopefully heard from less

Hope you have a horrible Saturday after we win.

Too compare Bielema and Petrino’s Arkansas tenures is …well…it just boggles the mind.

If Arkansas wins Saturday I’ll gladlynever post again…more incentive for you to cheer until you are horse! :smiley:

1st of all, I can’t even appreciate your optimism it’s so ridiculous, we will get smashed by Bama and everyone knows it.

Next you’re complaining about finishing 3rd in the west but forget that it was LSU #1 abama #2 and us # 3, not in the sec but in the country. Bret hasn’t been able to keep a ranked team for more than a week or two. We did not win the SEC, but we sure won a hell of a lot more games in CBP 4 year time than Bret has in 5. We were also a hell of a lot closer to being able to win a conference championship under him. With Bret we are at the bottom of the sEC and a complete embarrassment, a true dumpster fire, and feared by no team.

Let’s be realistic. You don’t have to like Bobby, but atleast appreciate the fact that he had us at a high we haven’t had in a long time, and Bret has at a low we haven’t had in a while.

Dont get to emotionally invested into the game this Saturday, because it’s a guarantee heartbreak if so.

History remembers coaches by their records, and it’s almost certain Bret will go down as one of the worst coaches in razorback history. 10-24, there is no sugar coating that conference record.

I hope they win and u continue to post
I enjoy the debating

All are Hog fans and want best for program…just differ in what’s needed to get us where want to be!

This will not be popular

but I think the root at least got exposed - there may be hope Arkansas become relevant in College FB again

just be patient next eyar - we will know where things are going in 3 years max