Jimmys and Joes and Xs and Os.

Anybody on this board think that there is any Coach in this years SEC that would trade squads with CBB and tee it up. I am talking about the actual players available mid season all injuries taken into account. I think that CBB would take his guys over the Vols, outside of that I just believe that we do not have enough quality players to compete. Well, that’s my take!

I do not think you are wrong. I also think the head coach is responsible at this point for the quality of players he has on his roster.

I think the talent that is here now can compete unless all of the recruiting rating are bunk or do not apply to the Arkansas players. I think the focus on player development and putting your talent in positions for success has more to do with our situation than pure lack of talent. I think we lack speed but also our scheme and commitment to it
is part of the blame. In year 5 , we still hear about the Coaches talking about the need to rethink what they are asking the players to do and to simplify what we are doing.

I still scratch my head about personnel decisions. Consider TJ Hammonds for instance----played big roles against Ole Miss and Coastal but was non factor against LSU. Some way ,some how, he had to be on the field or the season would have been over two weeks ago as far as bowl option. Starting true freshmen at guard for first two games (Ty Clary) and then not seeing him until an injury at LSU is another. This line would have been better with Frank R at left tackle and Zach Rodgers at Center to start year. Ditto Brian Wallace. I could go on but one has to wonder how decisions are made to play.

A change in coaching staff will provide some insights as we see how existing players perform under a new system and how close we really are.