Jimmy Whitt....

ole Jimmy Buckets is moving on again. Will be immediately eligible as a grad transfer.

Has played pretty well the last 2 years. I wonder if he is going to head back to Mizzou?

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a Whitt. But thanks for posting anyway. Last I heard he had applied for the draft.

If you’re not good enough here, you’re not good enough there… put the work in, be patience and and if you’re good enough it will pay off.

Possible destination for Whitt includes Arkansas.

https://twitter.com/jonrothstein/status … 74534?s=21

Becoming clear to me what EM wants in his next piece. A GT 6’3 guard who can do a variety of things well and stuff the stat sheet. Play great defense. He has this player in Notae in the same mold, but obviously we have to wait a year on him.

Still would prefer Woolridge over Whitt though.

Reported that Whitt is headed back to the hill.

This free agent thing surely gets interesting… :shock:

It’s not Grand Dads recruiting anymore, it’s something very different, which I’m fine with. Sure is a quick need filler, and constant scholly opener. Fun. Will see how it shakes out. I think he is one away from being very competitive next season. One away from making some noise.

Kind of a different one and done approach.

Do you give a Whitt now?

This is one of the oddest things I’ve seen in the world of college sports…I stand by my earlier post I hope he puts the work in and earn his play time. His positive productivity might help me forgive him for abandoning us three years ago, he was much needed Macon and Barford first year!!

I guess Whitt got that funky looking shot to go in the basket, 48% of the time.
What is his career 3 pt % so far?


16 for 65 in 95 career games so he knows his limitations.

https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/pl … itt-1.html

Comparing his freshman year at Arkansas vs his junior year at SMU

2 PT% - 38.7% at Ark 52.21% at SMU
3 pt% - 37.5% at Ark 14.8% at SMU
FT% - 79.2% at Ark. 56.8% at SMU

My guess is that he is finishing much better at the rim to improve his 2pt%. 3 point shooting was okay at Arkansas even with that funky technique, but went bad at SMU. Not sure what happened to his free throw shooting.

With the addition of Whitt, we are two over the scholarship limit. I suppose Khalil Garland will be given a medical so who else will not be back?

Though highlights can be misleading, he is bigger and stronger and appears much better leaper and defender. A beast playing passing lanes with his wingspan.

I think he will be a good addition and show a mature game physically and mentally…

Not sure how I feel about this.

I do not know the origins of his decision to leave Arkansas as I am no insider nor
even close to an insider. I do not know if he was encouraged to leave or if he decided
to leave. Was there academic issues, or coaching issues, or playing time issues. For
me none of those factors are known. All I do know is he jumped ship. Times got too
difficult for some reason or another and he bailed on Arkansas.

What’s that old expression “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. I always
took that to mean when it got tough you knuckled down and ground even harder to
be successful. Maybe this newer generation see it at “time to get going” as in leave.

I root for all things Razorback. PERIOD! If Trump put on a uniform I’d root for him, if
Hillary put on a uniform I’d root for her. Not making a political statement there, just
pointing out extreme examples and my die-hard love for the Razorback and U of A. So
that means I’ll be rooting for “Jimmy Buckets” as well and hope he is very successful
in his return and that will mean some degree of success for the Razorbacks.

That being said, one thing I’ll give the nod to Jimmy Whitt on… He must have balls
the size of coconuts to come back here after he left. That can be difficult in the best
of situations, its often hard to return to the place / people you left behind.

He felt under utilized aka playing time and with Macon and Barford coming it was not going to get better (plus you still had Hannahs, Manny and Beard).

I am very glad he is back. No he is not a shooter, but he ticks every other check in the box. We now have a very versatile backcourt that is tall and skilled.

LOL! I’m too shocked to give a Whitt.

I remember CMA trying to give him playing time and sometimes starting him but he kept turning the ball over. Then when that awkward jump shot starting popping up CMA couldn’t put him out there. I also remember every time he went to the line it was an adventure.

The move makes sense for Whitt, just like it makes sense for Moss. Both have some talent but have holes in their games that have to be at least partially overcome before the NBA or a first-tier overseas team is a realistic possibility.

Developing a pro game takes time for most guys. it makes a lot of sense to spend that final year of college as the first year of trade school for both guys, learning how to do it NBA-style. EM has the resume to sell that to grad transfers-play for me for a year or two and you will be substantially closer to getting well paid to play basketball.

I kind of think that is going to be EM’s specialty going forward. He is working hard on four and five star high school guys, and I think he will do alright with those guys. But he’s going to bring the program back to being a power with transfers that have shown some ability elsewhere, but who are looking for an NBA prep school for one or two years. It’s one and done for older guys.