Jimmy Whitt flourishing in 2nd stint at Arkansas (story)

From The Associated Press:

It’s really cool that JWjr returned to Arkansas. I get it that he’s here because of Muss, but it’s neat. And this week, er weekend, it’s really great that he just sunk 30 against Vandy…that certainly has given Kentucky a lot to think about.

Back to Jimmy, he’s been as classy as any senior we’ve had in years. So, glad he returned and has so well-complemented what MA left.

JW just doing his thing. He knows how to score & play defense and how to lead.

Jimmy is perhaps the biggest reason why this team has exceeded expectations. We all knew what Isaiah and Mason can do. No one expected Whitt to be that automatic on midrange jumpers, rebound, play defense and provide leadership like he has.

I expected we would get rebounding and excellent defense from him. What has surprised me is his scoring and shooting. From his last season at SMU, he’s improved his FG% from 48.8 to 53.4, his FT% from 56.8 to 67.3, and his scoring from 12.3 ppg to 14.8 ppg. The improvement in his FG% is the primary reason for the increasing in scoring. He’s taking about the same number of shots (11.1 to 11.9 pg).

As ugly as his free throw shot is, he has become consistent with the motion, which has resulted in a big improvement in percentage. I believe a coach here must have worked with him, without trying to make a drastic change in his motion.

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