Jimmy Whitt back to finish what he starrted (story)...

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … e-started/

"bear Whitt-ness once again "

Man you have been killing it lately with your writing and tweeting.

Great job.

I’m sure DD already has him some “Whittness” swag. Ole Jimmy Buckets got him a dang clothing apparel line already lol.

Just a hunch, but I’m beginning to think that Muss sees Jimmy as the Hogs primary “facilitator” this season. Be that as a “PG”, point 2G, or Point SF. It just kind of resembles his primary “facilitator” the last 2 years, who was a 6’7" forward. In keeping with that, Joe might be the occasional back-up “facilitator”. CEM seems to like some length in his “offensive facilitator”. Jimmy and Joe both have good length and compliment each other’s weaknesses. Joe’s a great shooter and Jimmy’s a terrific rebounder. They both are good defenders. They obviously will also be on the floor a lot together.

Whether it is Whitt or Joe or Sills or Harris or Chaney or Gabe, there will be someone on next year’s team that has the role of a PG. I have yet to see a team in high school or college or pros that does not have a PG.

To me, Muss starts pre-season practices with a two horse race between Whitt and Harris and lets it play out.