Jimmy Whitt and his free throw shot

What was that? I have never seen anything like it. He drained 2 in the 2nd half with a technique that can only be described as bizarre. It looked like a 2 hand shove of a hand grenade. Get that thing away from me. At his age, you just let him go. He is a solid ballplayer, but certainly not a scorer. He makes Shaq look like James Harden.

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Whitt’s shooting form has been head scratching since we recruited him the 1st time. It works for and doesn’t affect his other qualities on the court.

He may not be a terrific scorer, but he kept Arkansas’ stagnant first-half offense afloat with eight straight points over a roughly four-minute stretch last night. That was big. Then he came up with three steals in the second half. He impacts the game in several ways.

I am not criticizing his play. We are glad to have him. He is an important part of this team. He is a good all-around player.

But, I have never seen a free throw technique like that since my high school days many years ago. A lot of the girls shot that 2 handed push shot from the line. Where did he learn that?

It’s definitely a different looking shot…3 for 4 so far.

Seems to me every player is taking more time at the line…a dribble or two, a deep breath,
and eyeing the hoop before taking the shot. Very deliberate, which is not how they did it
before…at least in my memory. :sunglasses:

You mean Arkansas players didn’t do it this way before in the Anderson era or these particular players on this team didn’t do it this way last year?

I’m a fitness guy, and it looks like he’s throwing a medicine ball. Strange. But 2 for 2.

It may look bad but as long as it goes through the net who cares.

Rick Barry could sure knock 'em down using the original… “Granny shot”! :see_no_evil:

He got it from the UA punter.

Jimmy’s Free throw stats are intriguing.

2015-16 38 out of 48 @79.2%

2017-18. 60 out of 101 @59.4%

2018-19 42 out of 74 @56.8%

Seems his free throw shooting got worse over the years. Let’s hope it was a SMU issue. :grinning:

Actually, those dates make it look like SMU “helped” him with his stroke. Instead, they totally messed him up. He had a quirky free throw shot at Arkansas, but he made most of them. Three years later his shot is even uglier and he makes a little over half of them.

Oh well, he’s very important to this team and I’m happy he’s here, ugly free throws and all.