Jimmy Sexton

I see a lot of angst over the delay we experienced due to getting
“played” by Gus so he could make his fortune. Its put us in a bad
time crunch from early recruiting. I get that. I really do, but I also
wonder if it could have had any chance to work out any other way.

Its no secret the coaches we are targeting. Its also, much to my
dismay, a fact that they are all represented by Jimmy Sexton. It
does not take too much of a leap to see that possibly there was
no way for it to work out otherwise. Over the years, Jimmy has
used Arkansas as his personal whipping post to generate better
deals for his clients. It really sux, but thats his job and he is good
at it. You think with our list of coaches all being his clients that he
would have worked out a deal until he could squeeze the most out
of the situation for a many of his clients as possible.

I’d not be surprised if he is not still using the Arkansas interest in
each of the other coaches even as we speak before we get a new
coach and he loses his golden opportunity to get someone else
a nice contract extension.

You can blame Gus for the delays… no doubt. You can blame the
Malzhanistas as well for taking us down this path… no doubt. There
is also no doubt in my mind you can lump a lot of the blame on one
Jimmy Sexton. I cringe every time I hear his name associated to an
Arkansas target. I imagine there are many other schools that feel the
same, but I don’t get to see how they get abused by him like I do
with Arkansas.

For me, Jimmy ranks right up there with World Wide Wes, but thats
just my opine.

I fail to see why Jimmy should be “blamed” for representing his client or clients. They pay the freight and he is obviously good at what he does. I think that the Universities bring the pain upon themselves through firing folks without a plan ahead. A decent administrator or AD if applicable, would have a plan prior to firing the AD or Head Coach. Just my take on the Hog situation. I sure hope we can get a coach on board before the end of this week. You know what opinions are worth I am sure.

Gus could have made it simple but he might have gotten a little less money. Frost could have squeezed more out of Nebraska and didn’t. He could have picked his number because of all of the circumstances.

He has integrity and cares about both UCF and Nebraska and their fans and chose to do the right thing.

Sexton works for his client. Gus could have easily handled it better and quicker. Sexton is obligated to work for the client. But Gus is a shyster and didn’t shut it down. He encouraged it.

As a result we are behind in recruiting and also butting heads with Tennessee on the same candidates.

I think the big problem is that we have had AD’s that are not skilled in negotaiting and that negoitate from fear instead of using skilled attorneys that can hold their own with Sexton. Sexton negoiates for a living – ADs don’t.

How would you all have negotiated this differently? I’m an attorney, negotiate a lot, and yet I admittedly don’t have all the information. To me, the only misstep here could have been relying too much on the information about Gus/wife wanting to come home, post LSU loss, as a catalyst to raise the money and start thinking offer. But how is that type of information ever truly verifiable? Only Gus and wife really know. Still, we used that as an excuse to put the money out there and to see what happens. Fine with me. I just don’t think we ever had any real leverage on the guy. He’s at a better football school (right now anyway), they wanted to keep him, and he and his wife apparently didn’t want to sacrifice any money to move home. Done. Not much harm, and we can all hate a little more on Gus.

Truth. Sexton is good at what he does. If I was a coach I would hire him.

The best thing to come out of this is that Gus will not be discussed except when we play Auburn. Fine with me.

Not having an AD slowed us down. Trying to get a dozen power brokers to agree is not easy apparently.

Also, most but not all, of our candidates were involved in games this past Saturday so it was doubtful that a hire was ever going to be made before this week whether Gus was involved or not.

Did ya’ll see that Alabama-writer article that Gus spurned us and had the last laugh.

Of course, it failed to mention the butt of the joke was Auburn – they are the ones who had to pay the insane money and chain themselves to a Coach they wanted to fire – for 7 years or 50 million.

Makes me wonder how much of the “Gus/wife don’t like auburn anymore and just want to come home” rhetoric was fueled by Sexton. GM may have started there and then changed his mind after big wins and big AU boosters reassuring him all is good now; but wonder if JS continued to play that tune as part of his negotiating with both sides. I’m also thinking there’s a strong likelihood that what JS was telling his client and what he was actually telling the negotiating sides could have been worlds apart - iow was Sexton also playing Malzahn. Ultimately GM turned us down, and that’s the bottom line. So I don’t blame Sexton, I blame Gus Malzahn.

Notorious I don’t agree with everything you say but you hit the nail on the head there