Jimmy Sexton in attendance

Jimmy Sexton was at the press conference today, as was Glenn Sugiyama from DHR International. One of our photographers caught a great shot of Chad Morris and Mike Anderson meeting for the first time, and Jimmy Sexton watching.


Sexton’s on those new meds that let him get out of the coffin during the day.

The guy really is a great agent.

And He is A VERY RICH MAN :smiley:

that my son Brooks’ works in Nashville’s CAA office.

Proud of him. Looking forward to him making it big and me retiring and hanging out with Jimmy Buffett.

Jimmy Sexton looks right prosperous.

Saw an article on Football Scoop that noted he now represents 11 of the 14 SEC head football coaches.
Estimated that those clients alone bring him $2 million.

If he gets 4%, which is high-end for sports agents, he’ll make $2 million off Gus’ new contract alone. And about $850K off Morris’ deal.

Annual, not cumulative.

I know. But Gus’ seven year deal means Sexton will make about $280K per year just off Gus. Divide that by two for what he makes from Morris’ deal with us. That’s my point. Next year, he’s gonna clear a lot more than $2M off his SEC clients.

I’ve always imagined Sexton being this guy…

Does Sexton represent CMA?

Yes, he does.