Jimmy Sexton happens to represent...

Gus Malzahn, Mike Norvell, Chad Morris and Lane Kiffin

As well as John Calipari, Bobby Petrino, Mike Gundy and Mike Anderson just to name a few.

Sexton got us Again!

He could probably never do it but I would love read the jimmy sexton book about all the behind the scenes lunacy of college athletics.

Maybe a good reason to hire Venables!

I hate to say it, but other things being equal, or even close to equal, I’d rather not have a coach who has Sexton as an agent. Venables just went up on my list. So did Brohm. Novell just fell behind them in my preference order. (Not that other factors shouldn’t be more important, but based upon my limited knowledge, I don’t like the thought of dealing with Sexton for the next several years.)

In five years of Arkansas’ interactions with Bielema, including the hiring, the contract extension and now the dismissal, never heard anything about his having an agent. Does he have one? I know he has one for speaking engagements, but that’s not necessarily the one who handles his contracts.