Jimmy - Pick & Roll

Jimmy, if you get a chance (in your spare time :p), can you do an article on the Pick & Roll? Maybe include some video of the Hogs running it the right way. I know it is a big part of our offense and It would help me (and probably others) understand it a bit better


A retrospect on Macon assists the last two games would be interesting. He’s starting to push his assist rate towards elite level.

I’m planning on writing about it this week, actually. After the Houston game, I’d planned on writing about how they rarely spaced the floor well for them and seldom involved the roll/pop man, but they’ve improved the last few games, particularly Minnesota.

They didn’t bring Daryl into the interview room last night, but I asked Jaylen about it and he said they’d worked a little on hitting the roller in practice. I think a lot of it has to do with teams showing/hedging on ball screens to try to take the ball out of Daryl’s hands. Now that he’s seeing it more often, he’s making the quick pocket pass instead of just backing up toward halfcourt and resetting.

He’s easily the best passing guard on the roster.

I typically don’t focus much on the Xs and Os of basketball, because there’s so much freelancing, but I did notice one P&R last night that turned into a Gafford dunk.

It appears to me that there was more cutting toward the basket and they were generally more aggressive in trying to score. Against Houston, it looked like they were just randomly dribbling around without any real intent to score. Barford and Gafford had several fast adjustments that caught Minnesota flat footed.