Jimmy Johnson is an NFL Hall of Famer

Yeah he got it for coaching Jerry’s Kids, but good to see another Hog going into Canton.

Congratulations Jimmy! Well deserved.

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Glad for him, was awesome seeing that live


Very well deserved!

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Congrats Jimmy Johnson!

Congrats JJ!

JJ is an Arkansas story of a kid from Port Aurthor, TX anywhere, who made it to somewhere, and is celebrated by everywhere today.

Proud of a former Razorback.

Congratulations to Coach Johnson. Another Razorback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He was overcome with emotion when he got the honor last night. It made me well up.

Totally deserving. Awesome to see.

Good for J. J. Now Atwater needs to be in.

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I read on a site (can’t remember the name) that was predicting the new Hall of Fame inductees. They said that in this year 2020, they were inducting 20 new members. In the group of “senior candidates”, they are inducting 10. This site predicted that Atwater would be one of those 10. I sure hope they are right. He should have been in years ago.

There will be 20 new members this year, but only five will come from the 15-person pool that includes Atwater. I think there is momentum to elect him, but there are some big names in that list. They are:

Steve Atwater

Tony Boselli

Isaac Bruce

LeRoy Butler

Alan Faneca

Torry Holt

Steve Hutchinson

Edgerrin James

John Lynch

Sam Mills

Troy Polamalu

Richard Seymour

Zach Thomas

Bryant Young

Reggie Wayne

This year works against the modern-era players. The Hall scrapped its traditional voting procedures for this year only in order to induct a large class, but its emphasis seems to be on legacy names that might have been overlooked for too long.

In any other year, a finalist would get in if he received 80 percent of the votes from a 48-member committee. There would not be a cap on how many people were inducted, whereas this year there is a cap of five from the modern era. So it is conceivable that there might be a finalist omitted with 80 percent of the vote or elected with less than 80 percent.

I read somewhere last year that Atwater garnered the highest percentage of votes for a finalist who did not get elected. It might seem that makes him a lock to be elected in the next cycle, but that fails to take into account the first-year eligibles like Troy Polamalu and Reggie Wayne this year, or Peyton Manning next year.

I hope Cliff Harris makes it soon. Absurd that he’s not already there.

Regardless, congrats to Jimmy.

Harris is a candidate in the group that will be announced Wednesday.

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Jim Benton is another Hog that IMO should be in the HOF. A few years ago folks were trying to get his name out there but it’s probably never going to happen.

One of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

Yes, you are right about only 5. That stupid site I took my info from had Atwater listed in the “Senior” group. Senior group is 25 years retired, so I guess since Atwater is 20 years retired, they must have had the 20 year special on their minds.

I think you are right though, that Atwater has a great chance. He is among 8 in the final 15 that were finalists before, so if you are right about him being a high vote getter last time, surely he’ll get in this time.

Cliff Harris made it

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