Jimmy Dykes…

Never misses an opportunity to trash Arkansas basketball on espn. How does this guy have a job? Not Entertaining in the least. Constantly runs his mouth like a know it all with terrible basketball coaching advice like the failed coach that he is instead of just narrating the game he is calling. Anyways it should be no surprise that he just disputed his partner on tv about Arkansas being one of the sec teams with a real shot at the final four.

According to our good friend jimmy Alabama and Tennessee CERTAINLY can make the final four. But Arkansas is a notch below them teams, us not being full strength now. What’s that mean Jimmy?? Elite eight? like we’ve been the last TWO years? As if we aren’t a more talented and physical team this year with 4 remaining espn top 100 freshmen, 2 remaining 5 star McDonald’s all Americans, 1 solid lottery pick, one of the best transfer upperclassman in the county, a couple of seven footer transfer twins, and the best coach in America?

Got to admit like many hog fans I’ve been concerned since we’ve had to retool and refocus our game plan after these injuries. But all it took was jimmy saying otherwise to remind me we are still a top ten caliber team more capable of making the final four than anyone in the sec and more talented than we have been in decades! If jimmy dykes disagrees with something (especially regarding the hogs) then it must be true!

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I’m no where close to being an expert, but I’ve lowered my expectations with the loss of two of our best players.

Jimmy was probably being realistic and wasn’t trashing anyone.


Fair enough. We lost the best freshman in the country. Expectations are lowered. But Alabama and Tennessee are not a class above us. Without NSJ we still have the best freshman class in the sec, without brazile we still have an outstanding transfer class. Devo and Kamani are the only players in the league who took an sec team to the elite eight. And muss is the best coach in the country.

Now that we have all lowered our expectations, it is time to reset them realistically. Just saying.

Hmm; let’s see if we can win one on the road tonight. Winning against any team on the road, in the top 30 would be nice.


Jimmy was being realistic. You do not replace two high level players like we lost and remain the same. There will be good nights and not so good. Muss is between a rock and a hard spot. If he maintains the same level of play and reaches the Final 8 he is a miracle worker.


I agree. I’m assuming Anthony black is over the flu now. Hopefully nobody else on the team caught it. Last two years we went to the elite eight after a steep learning curve that included some massively disappointing/embarrassing performances before February. LSU has a top 50 bpi ranking and we still could’ve won that game.

Jimmy was being rash. It’s easy to jump to conclusions after losing nick smith. Also the odds of going to three straight elite eights are historically extremely low. But there are no objective data points, none, to argue our current team is less talented than the squads we had the past two seasons

Getting to the dance is one thing. Making the E8 or F4 is another thing. A lot of good teams stumble and go home. Nothing is a given. I think we can make the dance, but after that… I have my concerns. Our lack of consistent shooting is something that could be our biggest concern.
If we had Nick and TB available, I would have a higher expectation. But like I said, nothing is a given.


Absolutely. I’m just getting over my devastation about never getting to see NSJ live in the Bud. But I recently got in the market for a Joseph Pinion jersey, and found a reason to quit my crying. If you’re gonna lose the best freshman in the country to injury it sure is nice to have signed SIX espn top 100 players and have the second best recruiting class in the country and someone highly qualified to coach em up

Boarhog, I like your take on the situation.

Jimmy missed the chance to speak of his great Wildcats and his buddy Grease Ball! His comments don’t surprise me one bit. The hogs are down 2 staters and still have a roster of active players that are more talented than Muss has had to make the elite 8 with the past 2 seasons. We will see what happens but don’t count our hogs out! In Muss we trust.


I really didn’t take any offense to what he said.I think it is going to be extremely hard for us to make it to the final 4 without 25 to 30 points a game we’re missing from those two. We will have to have others step up and be consistent every game for us to get to the final four.


The thing I’m hanging my hat on, Billy, is our defense is Final 4 good. If we get hot, look out.

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Yeah the defense I think will be there for us and if we get the AB we saw in Maui this is a totally different offense. Walsh needs to get to where he’s consistent every game. We have plenty of potential just got to make it be reality


Agree. We lost our margin for error when we lost TB and Nick.

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I stopped reading at Jimmy.


We don’t have enough history on Joseph P to see if he could approach Moses Moody and/or Isiah Joe in three point shooting, but he seems to have the confidence and not deterred by a miss. if he could contribute as a consistent sixth man off the bench in double figures, and the defense stays the same or improves, we have a good chance of winning a couple games at the big dance, arguably.

Dykes doesn’ t dislike Arkansas. He just loves Kentucky and when they aren’t playing well he gets his feelings hurt. By the way, Alabama and Tennessee are very good!


I will have to agree. We are good, but losing those two guys probably cost us any chance of a Final Four or better.

Yes, and we also have maybe the best NCAA Tournament coach in the country. I would have probably had Jay Wright and Coach K ahead of him, but they are both retired now. His game plan against Gonzaga last year was masterful. I think Mark Few is a top 10, if not top 5 coach, but Muss outcoached him in that game.

I wouldn’t have worried at all about an early exit with Nick and Trevon. This team now is one that could possibly lose early if they encounter a super hot shooting team and we get into really early foul trouble. It’s not just losing Nick and Trevon’s talent. It’s losing that great 8-man rotation that could cover early foul trouble.

But, if we make it to the Sweet Sixteen, those other 15 teams best beware of this team, because we will be a handful with Muss at the helm.