Jimmy Dykes speaks publicly for first time since Thursday

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And… this coach continues to handle this situation inappropriately. (See CMA’s boys or YouTube Buzz Williams’ actions at Va. Tech before the season began).

A better way to handle would be to allow the 6 to apologize publicly to fans and veterans for disrespecting the flag and a time-honored tradition, not to mention the University they represent as a TEAM while in uniform. The UA should certainly support these 6 if they participate in free speech forums or protest on campus while out of uniform, but the wearing of the school’s colors makes it seem as if something is askew here. Does the UA support the trendy and evolving PC narrative of police officers “hunting minorities” all over the U.S.? Or, is that just the opinion of 6 on Coach Dyke’s’ team?

Then, announce the team is making a short field trip over to Memphis or down to New Orleans or up to Chicago to do a “ride along” with African American police officers, as well as Hispanic and White officers in one of those cities. The purpose of the educational trip would be to see first hand what is going on in the “innocent” areas where those resisting arrest and threatening anyone nearby are occasionally killed while in commission of a crime. The one place nearest the UA where a possibly innocent citizen was shot while not threatening anyone (other than himself while stumbling around on a highway, high on PCP and ignoring police commands) near Tulsa should also be visited for a balanced education.

Then, the Dykes 6 can report back to all of us, courtesy of the media, what they found in urban areas where this “oppression by police” allegedly exists. After the game, we can all talk about this with civility.

Per Jimmy: Dykes said he has felt a “tremendous of amount of support” since last Thursday when Jordan Danberry, Tatiyna Smith, Kiara Williams, Jailyn Mason, Yasmeen Ratliff and Briunna Freeman locked arms and knelt during the national anthem prior to an exhibition game against Oklahoma Baptist. But it has also been a trying few days, Dykes said, because of a considerable amount of backlash over the protest.

I’m not sure how he can have both a “tremendous amount of support”, while also having “a considerable amount of backlash”. I guess it’s possible to have both if the support and backlash was about 50-50? I would have thought, though that it would have been more appropriate to say "an equal amount of support and backlash? I guess maybe it will tell us which way it was really weighted when we see what the girls do at the next basketball game.

The “tremendous amount of support” was his saying; I wrote “considerable amount of backlash” based on the comments I’ve read here and in other mediums, as well as the people who have contacted me directly. I don’t know if the ratio is 50-50, but I’ve heard from people who are dug in on both sides or the argument.

I do think that a lot of times people are more exposed to the positive rather than the negative when they are in the public eye. Social media notwithstanding, it seems that more people are willing to reach out directly (through text messages, phone calls, emails) to offer encouragement than they are to offer criticism. Perhaps I’m wrong in that regard.

Let me boil this down to what you’re really saying: Black athletes, or any other African Americans for that matter, have no right to protest about anything, and you as a white (lucky guess) have no interest in considering whether their protest might have a shred of validity.

The guy in Tulsa may have been high, but I’ve seen the video. He did not do anything aggressive or threatening. What was in his bloodstream is not relevant, and should not have led to his death.

So these girls did nothing but take a knee. They didn’t threaten anyone, didn’t bring demeaning signs, didn’t call anyone names or use any racist comments. And they are so wrong???

Why is it ok for racist rednecks to do whatever they want but not ok for black people to protest peacefully? I guess your mad because Rosa Parks wouldn’t give up her seat!

Ok, I had my say the other day, but certain racist individuals keep claiming “you white guys.” Yes YOU ARE RACIST. I’ve showed what Danberry in particular said was copying Kaepernick, who was blaming a BLACK officer for defending himself after being fired on by a THUG (who happened to be BLACK) shows neither of those two are informed of anything but media bias. Just LIKE YOU.

The WHOLE story in Tulsa, was when the police arrived, they were told by onlookers that the man jumped out of the car, yelling there was a bomb in the car and everyone should run. He returned to the seen, where he was acting funny, ignoring commands and then reached into the window. Put yourself in the cops position, what was he reaching for, weapon, detonator, let me guess they should have held fire, until he blew himself and half the block up. Yep, he did nothing wrong. Please inform yourself with facts before commenting. If you don’t know them search the other posts because I put the info in there.

Get off your high horse. Racism is Racism. And you are proving to be a very loud bigot. Now you should apologize.

Why is it ok for the black community to be RACIST when someone disagrees. Let me guess. I really hope, you don’t teach your kids, the hate you’re showing on here.

Let’s be honest about this - there is plenty of hate being shown on both sides.

The reaction from the fans will cost Arkansas in recruiting, not what the girls did.

And before any one thinks I am pointing a finger at him or her, I am talking about the overall comments and the threats to harm the girls.

Other SEC football and basketball coaches will use that - don’t even act like they want.

Many of you just assume it was Jimmy’s decision.

Just like some on the radio said Coach Bielema would never let that happen - not even knowing that the football team is always in the locker room during the national athemn.

I heard a discussion it the other day in which two 50 year olds were using the N word when talking about the Lady Razorbacks.

I told them it’s fine to have your opinions, but to use that word was unacceptable.

People have quit listening to each other. They just want to be the loudest in the room.

As I wrote in another thread…

They were “fully briefed” and chose to handle it the way they did.

I will always stand, take off my hat and put my hand over my heart.

But I will also never tell somebody else that their feelings don’t matter or that they shouldn’t do this or do that.

I am obviously white and was raised on a farm with everything I have ever needed. Never had any safety concerns.

It’s been the same way throughout my whole life.

So - as I said - I would not even begin to think I understand what it is like to live as an African-American in our country and I will certainly not preach about something I don’t know about.

I also would never tell a member of the military how he or she should feel about things since they put themselves in harms way for us - something I never did.

for every sport and the University in general…then this suggestion would certainly do that

A better way to handle would be to allow the 6 to apologize publicly to fans and veterans for disrespecting the flag and a time-honored tradition, not to mention the University they represent as a TEAM while in uniform. The UA should certainly support these 6 if they participate in free speech forums or protest on campus while out of uniform, but the wearing of the school’s colors makes it seem as if something is askew here

the young girls who decided to kneel were from these areas

2 from Atlanta, one each from Dallas and Chicago and 2 from Little Rock.

Perhaps we should go on a ride along with the cops in those areas and educate ourselves instead of telling them to do it


Dudley, I hate racism, doesn’t matter which side it is. I absolutely agree, and said it the other day in another thread, if people would sit down and talk they’d learn. If you saw my post on the other topic, I’ve dealt with the police brutality issue, personally. I’ve researched why. Guilty by association. High crime, low income area. This is an across race issue.

Teach my kids huh??? So my youngest is a senior at Hot Springs High School. I am a 49 year old white man, my wife is black and you would call my son mixed but we call him Matt. He comes out of school a few months ago only to see a bunch of white people parked if front of the school with confederate flags protesting. One woman and one man start shouting out go back to Africa Niggers as the kids got out of school.

Now who is teaching who here? You know what happened to these people…you guessed it nothing. But the lady backs that took a knee should be taught a lesson. Your way off base here and you should be the last one to tell anyone of color how they should feel about racism. Sweep around your own front door before you want to sweep around someone else’s.

I’ve swept around my front door, I’ve experienced what your kid did, yes I’m white and was assaulted by blacks. You guess what happened, that’s right nothing, as a matter of fact I was actually mugged and told to apologize to them because I was white. So, who is teaching who? It ain’t you. Again, quit teaching hate. Research this subject, since obviously hate is in your heart, forgive. Tell your kid to apologize because he’s black. See if it opens his eyes. Let me guess, you wouldn’t do that because it’s wrong. Why don’t you tell the cops and lawyers that said it to me. When, you or anyone else, including those girls actually experienced what I did, then they can say something. Until then, shut up and keep your comments on this to yourself.

By the way, I never said these girls shouldn’t kneel. You may wanna think before you type.

This thread is degenerating into posters calling each other out.

[size=140]KNOCK IT OFF.[/size]

You have never experienced anything my wife, her family or my kids have. I will never shut up so Im not sure who you think your talking to. My kid doesn’t have to apologize for anything because my kid doesn’t throw out racist comments. So a white couple calls my son a nigger and he should apologize? What damn sense does that make? You say my son is black…hmmm…another racist statement by you. Bi-racial kids get labeled all the time by people like you. You got assaulted by blacks so your the white poster child for reverse racism. Wow!! Just come out and say you don’t like black people…i would respect you more.

Sent you a pm.

Any death is sad, Swine. Texting and dying behind the wheel, drinking and dying behind the wheel, or getting high, abandoning your vehicle in the middle of a highway and ignoring police orders to be under arrest–all bad choices. However, falsely pushing a narrative that it’s open season by police in our country on innocent minorities is simply misguided and misinformed, regardless of race, which you seem to assume in your reply. There was a free speech forum on UA campus last night regarding this and other racial relations topics. Did the 6 all speak there? Have we seen them standing in their non uniform clothing on campus, holding a sign or 6 signs which say, “stop killing us”? Have they set up a meeting with the chancellor or the SGA to ask for the opportunity to reach out positively to other students at UA? Or, are they just purporting to represent ALL students and alumni of UA with their intentional disrespect to the American flag during the playing of the National Anthem? Hiding free speech protest behind the protective aprons of the UA Coach and A.D. is a far cry from the respect earned by free speech and given by others in this state and from this state over the past 50 years. The ladies want to protest? It’s a free country. Just consider the free speech reaction of the other viewpoint before making your stand (er…taking your knee).