Jimmy Dykes out

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … s-resigns/

Jimmy is going to be fine. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.

Based what I have observed, Jimmy is a good man.

JD gave it all he had every game he coached, classy individual all the way around. Wishing him the best,WPS

Why the sudden change of heart?

I doubt he changed his mind. It was changed for him (just my guess).

I’m sure, I just want to see one of the reporters actually say it

From everything I’ve been told this was a forced resignation. Jimmy had lost the team. Had he returned I think there would have been mass roster turnover next season.

Any idea of where JL may turn next? The Washington coach? Mississippi State’s coach? Or an up-and-coming assistant?

I just posted that in another thread. Neighbors and Schaefer have to be two of the top candidates.

Sorry, did not see. Thanks, Matt.

Is that why the Schaefer article was on here a few days ago? Were y’all foreshadowing?

I think Jimmy wanted another year. But as Matt said, the players did not. Lots of turnover. Jimmy was a hard/nosed taskmaster. It did not work. He is my friend and I pull for something good to happen in next stage of his professional career.

Vic Schaeffer spoke to little rock group. Just made news by speaking to that group.

That was just a coincidence. He spoke at the Tip-Off Club in North Little Rock and the newspaper covers all of those meetings, the same as we do for the touchdown clubs in Fayetteville and Little Rock. I decided to run the Schaefer story on this site because of his ties to Arkansas.

Sorry, forgot the winky face :wink: .

I am actually curious if Schaefer would come back if offered.

Of course if that fails we can try to hit a grand slam and offer Auriemma :smiley:

Kurt Voight is just KILLING him on Twitter.

I haven’t seen a local media member talk about a coach like that in awhile.

This is one of several tweets just letting him have it.

https://twitter.com/kurt_voigt_ap/statu … 1174452226


Vic is making $662,000 at Moo U. Neighbors’ salary isn’t available that I can find, but he got a raise last summer from the $410,000 he was making then, with an escalator clause in the contract. Of course, Seattle is a heckuva lot more expensive place to live than Fayetteville or Stankvomit.

So it appears if JL wants to go after one of those two, he’ll have to go up from the $450,000 Jimmy was making.

Your point still is valid, but Jimmy was making $500,000 per year the past two seasons.

I would think that as proven coaches, either of those proposed would be worth quite a bit more than Dykes.

OK I had missed that. I’m sure Neighbors got a nice raise as well after taking U-Dub to the Final Four, but it appears the Seattle Times didn’t get real aggressive with FOI requests. I’ve found a database of WA state employees but its search engine is terrible (guess they couldn’t get Microsoft to do it for them). Finally got it to work. Neighbors made $436,500 in 2015, but got the raise since then.

And before someone else mentions it, if they wanted to correct John White’s mistake, Gary Blair is making $800K at Texas A&M.

I would agree that as proven coaches, you would expect to pay more than they paid Jimmy as a newbie. Question will be if Jeff wants to spend the money to get them.