Jimmy Dykes Oh boy oh boy

I know several of you will be happy to know if you’re watching the game on TV today, you will have the pleasure of getting to listen to the one and only JD. Let’s see if he talks about even though KY is last in the conference and AR is first that KY is still the best team. :slight_smile:

Jimmy was on the Razorback Daily podcast this morning. Thought he did a good job. Chuck asked him about Kentucky and he said there was something very wrong there. Said that Moody being a top 50 recruit was better than their two top 10 recruits.

Will be interesting to listen to his tune today. I’ll have to go find that podcast. Thanks.

I know some aren’t high on him as a broadcaster, but I tend to learn something when watching games he calls. He’s solid at breaking things down on the fly, and doing that intelligently is hard. I will say some of his analysis comes off a bit dramatic to me (I don’t know if that makes sense). :sweat_smile:

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Personally, I like JD, and I think there’s a gripe about every broadcaster. I think JD talks way too much and repeats a lot. But, I was stirring the pot a bit for they folks on here that always seem to not want to listen to him. I was just giving them a heads up to be prepared. :slight_smile:

Glad it’s not Manny again. Super nice young man, but he adds nothing on the broadcasts. Generalizations all game long.

I’ve always liked Dykes.

I just don’t understand his continued glorification of John Calipari.

The two men don’t seem anything alike.

I have always liked JD, EXCEPT for his over the top love of UK.

I know he knows more about basketball than I do (he has forgotten more than I will ever know), so it doesn’t make sense to me. Either (1) he is being ordered to follow the company line about UK by ESPN; or (2) he believes the company line about UK; or (3) what we all think about UK isn’t true and their coach truly does just “outwork everyone else.”

Maybe there is another choice that I haven’t thought of because none of the above makes a lot of sense other than #3, I truely don’t believe that to be the case. Could be wrong.

I agree with all of this, which is why I’m curious what he’ll do today with KY being 1-5. Just really interesting. My guess, “JC is such a good coach, with such a good program, and he hasn’t gotten this team off to the start he wants because they are young in an era of COVID, but I’m confident he will right the ship and finish in top 25 and getting an NCAA bid, especially if they beat AR, which I think they can do”. Some of that nonsense, I’ll be waiting to hear.

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Blake Eddins is my favorite of all the past Razorbacks to do color commentating.

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While he may be solid taking about a game he has Greaseball so far up his nose he can’t catch his breathe. With all the corruption and cheating coaches he sucks up to all of them and the only person to speak out from the SEC has been Greg Stanley. Others have spoke and made statements but didn’t want their names linked to any story. It’s like the Monk throat slash with Dickie V.
Dykes sided with Kentucky! I don’t respect him because of his ties the cheaters. (Integrity).

I think JD is the best color man in college basketball. I’ve always enjoyed his analysis and overall knowledge of the game.

How much basketball do you listen to? And is it just TV?

Mostly TV, some radio. I think he’s solid. I agree he can be a little wordy at times…

I think he’s the most knowledgeable for SEC games.

I think he likes hearing his own voice a tad too much and takes himself too seriously. I do think he (like Jay Bilas) have a “let me educate the fools” arrogance about them too.

Is Pat Bradley working for the network this season?

I’d be very interested in learning about exactly went on when JD was the women’s coach. Early in his tenure, a player’s parent told me he wasn’t going to last long and hinted that there were some problems brewing.

Then, there were all the transfers out and lots of subtext on social media. It all seemed kind of odd, but everybody closed ranks.

Never had a problem with Jimmy. He does a very good job.

From everything I read, I deduced it to he simply didn’t know how to “lead”.

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