Jimmy, Dustin Thomas...

I don’t think he’s getting enough credit for what he’s doing outside the stat line. He’s fantastic on the press inbound defense, has a great motor, gets a lot of deflections that end in turnovers and rebounds pretty well.

If the refs allow us to play aggressively like they did last night he’s mucho effective.

Which leads me to this thought…we had some supreme intensity last night on the defensive end and the officials allowed us to get after it. My biggest gripe is that that kind of aggressiveness isn’t allowed on the road, so we have to play a different style…that’s when you’ll see Thomas on the bench with foul trouble. Just a consistency thing.

The effort last night was off the charts…it’s obvious Mike had a more aggressive mindset this week in practice and in the locker room. When they are flying around like this defensively good things will happen. Got to understand that that’s what will win them ball games against quality opponents…that’s what sets them apart.

I think they are still learning as they go. Lots of new parts. Some have never played in a system exactly like this. Well, few do it the way Mike wants to do it on defense. So the up side on all of these guys is still higher. This was a very good performance. Fans fed off the energy the team brought and that’s the key to playing at home. It’s what leads to these kinds of swings in play, road vs. home.

Agree, would love to see Baily worked in evenly or more if improvement keeps coming! This kid has a motor and if he has some of those Highlight dunks and blocks in games coming down the road, those are the things that ignite the team and raise the level of play! Could use a play or two like those on the road the rest of the season! Would like to see theses games be lead enough to give CJ more minutes because if you are where these kids can have great games by say the SC and Florida games it will give us even fresher legs in the 2nd half and both could have double digit scores on any night also! Then it would make us a hell of a tourney team tha can keep uptempo every game with 12 playing in each game with no fall off if it could become possible!

Dustin can be very active when he’s playing well and out of foul trouble. It’s part of the reason I thought he’d get the lion’s share of the minutes at the 4 in August. He just struggles to stay out of foul trouble and hasn’t been consistent, especially against size, which is probably why he winds up fouling as much as he does.

He’s a notably better defensive rebounder than Arlando. Grabs 19.1 percent of defensive boards when he’s in the game in SEC play, compared to Arlando’s 15.4. Honestly, I don’t know that those numbers do him justice as far as the difference between the two. Arlando was good on the boards at A&M, which was a big game to be good in, but he has a tendency to give up offensive rebounds. Dustin will get some tough rebounds in traffic that are really impressive.

Dustin has a knack for tipping balls on the press. Arlando’s motor shines in that setting. I didn’t expect Arlando to do much offensively outside of getting garbage baskets, but he’s probably been a better shooter than Dustin, which isn’t saying much. But I thought Dustin would be a nice stretch player. He hit a lot of jumpers in August and talked in-depth about how he’d changed his shot to be more balanced than he was at Colorado. Watch him shoot now. He fades away almost every time.

In August, I thought Adrio would eventually surpass Arlando and get the 4th big minutes. He’s just capable of impacting the game in ways the others can’t. You saw some of that last night. Will he be consistent? No, he’s a freshman. But when the older guys have been up-and-down all year, why not go with the player who has the highest ceiling and brings more to the table.

Adrio has grabbed 20.7 percent of defensive rebounds in SEC play (only 31 minutes, so small sample size). His 16.2 total rebounding percentage is actually first on the team, better than Dustin (13.1) and Arlando (12.1). His steal percentage is about the same as the other 2 and his block percentage is twice as big as Arlando’s, four-plus times as big as big as Dustin’s.

Mike said this about Adrio today: “I’m ready to let him go, ready to let him go fly now. He’s ready to play. He adds a different dimension.”

I’m not ready to predict he’ll get more minutes than the others there, but I think there is a bit of a shift happening that could lead to him playing a lot more down the stretch if he produces these next few games.

Cook is too inconsistent at offense and rebounding, although he has shined in both full court press and half court D for an undersized power forward While thomas just plays like he is under sized too much in half court D and offense, although he is a better rebounder at times.

Need them both to step it up. And I know just the guy to force the issue #Airdrio

Good info Jimmy as always.

Dustin can be very disruptive on defense as long as the refs let him play a little physical. He would fit in great with the 90’s team when the game was called differently.

Unfortunately his production is going to be at the mercy of how much sleep the refs got the night before.

He seems to struggle with positioning a little and if he could make just a little improvement he would get fewer of the cheap whistles.

Sometimes bigs feel like they have to adjust their play more than guards do with the way the refs call games differently from night to night (especially if they just have a problem in general with fouling too much) And that’s part of the adjustment to a level up from juco; he has to quit feeling sorry for himself and when he needs to adjust to the refs, then just dial back the physical contact on his half court defense but then make an even bigger effort to get rebounds for quick outlets and get some easy put back buckets.

But on the bright side, I have seen Trey, Barford and to some extent Cook make improvements through the season working on their foul problems to stay on the floor more but hit the boards more than ever. We really need one of thomas cook and airdrio to figure this out. Thankfully Moses has been great at avoiding foul trouble even with more pressure on him this year. We have to count on some front line depth in case Moses runs into any tough luck with fouls in a big game.