Jimmy Carter's article today

"Analyzing Chad Morris’ SMU offense vs. TCU"providing insight as to how the CM offense works is proof that we are losing a very talented writer - good luck Jimmy, I have enjoyed your analytical style, very substantive.
Seeing SMU perform so well against TCU’s defense one can only wonder how good the Hogs might be with a higher level of talent running it! It also lets us know that we have gotten a Coach that is likely every bit as good as the great Gus in operating this complex type of offense. It gives us hope!

Enjoyed the article and vids…good luck Jimmy!

I loved watching that and Jimmy’s breakdown. I’m excited to see the change in our offense.

Thanks, guys!

I’m excited to watch the offense. Love that he likes mobile QBs and spreads it out.

Hope a certain young man from E. AR likes it as well. Will find out Tue I guess