Jimmy Carter...

You’re a solid reporter. Your game analysis is spot on and you have done a fantastic job of calling the game the way you see it, being critical and complimentary where appropriate. Something that has really been lacking in Razorback media coverage. Keep up the good work. We notice.

I agree, JC is the most thorough reporter of Hog basketball I think I"ve ever seen. It reminds me of Monday morning analysis of the Razorback football team back in the Orville Henry days.

Jimmy is definitely a competitive advantage among similar websites. Smart, thorough, progressive basketball analysis is something no other service has ever provided. Actually, what he provides doesn’t happen in football either. It’s a big deal.

Thanks, Jimmy.

Jimmy I’m from Ca and not even sure of your back ground or where you came from before the switch over, but your take and writing and video breakdown of games are top notch and much appreciated from a guy 2,000 miles away

Agree. Jimmy’s journalistic style is refreshing.

As has been mentioned in this thread, I appreciate his even-handed nature.

I also appreciate that he doesn’t fall back into generalizations about the players, coaches and program.

There are no hot takes. He is critical as appropriate, but also praises as warranted. Both are equally important aspects of being objective.

All of what they say and one additional thing: he appears to actually proofread his work, so we don’t have to interpret what he is trying to say.

No pressure Jimmy :smiley:

The man can break it down.

When I’m away and cant watch a Hog BBall,
I always know I’m going to get true analogy of the game by reading JC’s take on the game, coaches, and the players on both sides of the court.

From one Jimmy to another,
Thanks for all you do

Agree with the other posters…consistently great job, Jimmy!

Jimmy, you are the best. That means you will not be here very long. :slight_smile:

Carter, Davenport, Dawson and Jones (in alphabetical order) make the basketball coverage of this site the most complete and the best in Arkansas media. Each one brings a unique perspective, reporting skill and unbiased coverage. The merger of WholeHogSports and HI has definitely taken basketball coverage to the next level. I recall the days when poor Dudley was a one man show and when he went on vacation, the basketball coverage went on vacation with him.

Great job guys and very happy with the new site.

^ This right here.

Guys, I’ve been away from the board for a few days while I’ve been in Tulsa for Christmas with the family, so I just logged in and saw this thread. Really, really appreciate everything that’s been said and am glad you guys have enjoyed the basketball stuff.

I like football a lot, but basketball is easily my favorite sport. I get a ton of enjoyment revisiting games and trying to think X’s and O’s-wise. This board always has stimulating conversation, which makes it worthwhile. Thanks, guys.