Jimmy, a very, very well-written article on Kevin

I really enjoyed reading it. You were able to convey, through your words, Kevin’s excitement and enthusiasm about being in Hoover representing the Razorbacks. Kevin Richardson is the epitome of a great Razorback who started out as a walk-on. He is most deserving of any accolades he is now receiving. Here’s hoping he has a fantastic Senior year.

Oh, and to top it all off (for me), I got to read the entire article since there wasn’t a single “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville” anywhere in the article!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Kevin is a solid dude. You could tell he didn’t take getting to be there lightly. I imagine he may be the most relatively unknown player brought to media days this week by any program, but he is a natural in that setting.

Just got back in Fayetteville not too long ago and figured I’d check the board real quick. Somehow managed to stretch an 8.5-hour trip into 10 with frequent food and coffee stops haha.

It’s not the coffee stops that slow you down, it’s having to stop after consuming too much coffee. Yes, Jimmy did a nice job. He does well with everything.

You’re right, that may have been the bigger culprit haha.