Jimbo: Why go to a school that's winning?

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It may get worse. Might get horrible. I do believe he talks faster than his brain processes information. Dangerous habit.


Pure BS. If you are losing, you say “why go to another program that is winning because you won’t get to play for a long time if ever?” If you are winning, you say “why go to a program that is losing just to play for a losing team? Wouldn’t you rather play for a championship team in top bowls than a loser in mediocre bowls?” Those are the default coach-speak pitch cliche’s and he just knee-jerked one of them back at a reporter.

Think before you speak. Most don’t.


If A&M was undefeated, no one would say anything. When you’re 3-4, you get this response.

Clay is hitting the bullseye. Jimbo is not gifted with above average intelligence.

His record should be 2-5 since we gave that game away and his fan base knows it.



His record actually should be 1-5! He has been gifted 2 wins.

Hammer meets nail.

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Jimbo may not be that quick on the uptake, but even he sees trouble coming down the road. The Boosters want Natty’s and want them now. Very unrealistic, but that’s what they want. Kinda like the Boosters at Auburn. I just don’t see Jimbo staying at A$M many more years. Won’t go in the next two years, but being there Five years from now? Probably not.

Jimbo is just another fast talking snake oil salesman. FL State saw this, & aTm now recognizes it too. With his outrageous contract guarantees, not much incentive for Jimbo to perform. He obviously oversold his abilities to the wealthy aggies who were too eager to “buy” championships. May soon be time for Jimbo to take the money & run.

The world is a crazy place sometimes. Imagine being so bad at your job that someone is potentially willing to pay you 90 million dollars to go away?

There’s a part of me that wishes they would tell him, “Oh, you might not be coaching anymore, but you’re not leaving. You’re still on the payroll. These garbage cans around campus aren’t going to empty themselves. And when you’re done with that, we’ll find something else for you to do.”

He would probably screw that up as well. I guess it’s best to just get him as far away as possible.

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No. They need to keep him. We will someday, hopefully very soon, figure out a way to not beat ourselves in this game. It’s gotta be mental at this point. Same with Auburn and Mizzou.

I don’t care if Sam needs to burn sage in the lockeroom…stop losing to these teams, and the future will be very bright.

Go Hogs!


Well personally, I would rather go to a school that wins 70% of the time while getting 70% of the playing time at my position. Maybe what we need, is an app with an algorithm that can weigh a PT to WL ratio and match recruits to their situation. Get the human factor and all of its biases out of recruiting, and let the machines determine who a kid signs with.

I just heard on ESPN radio that Jimbo blew off the routine meeting with the TV crew for today’s game. Both coaches always sit down with the announcers. Jimbo didn’t

The bad looks for Jimbo keep piling up.


Where there is smoke there is fire. They better worry about edibles, too.

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