Jimbo in deep

You know what. Lost to Carolina to bring his 100 million buttocks to a record of 3 wins 4 losses this season. He’s catching heat from many commentators for his coaching and archaic offense.

Aggies are something else.


just posted the same…i’ll delete mine…with no problem

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looks like Jimbo’s seat may be getting a little warmer…down by 9 with under 3 minutes to go to South Carolina,how many Aggies doe it take to go to 3-4?

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Maybe that 100 million contract was not a good idea…. :joy: :joy:


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Seems even with benefit of some friendly officials, Aggies gonna Aggie!


Jim Bo is laughing! He knows he will get paid even if he gets fired! Studio A&M for that crazy incompetent contract. I hope the Aggies finish the year 3-9.

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Sad part is he should have one more loss this year. That game haunts me.


Yes that game is even more haunting now. I’d love for us to be a part of a 2-5 record for them. Oh well.


TexAg forum wants Jimbo dead. His family dead. Neighbors dead. Anyone who who passed him in an airport dead.


I want him, by any means necessary, to stay the A*M coach. He seems to have found his ceiling around 8-9 wins, which means we have a shot at besting them on a regular basis.


What’s his buyout?

I would assume it over 80 million right now. It should come out pretty quick. The Aggie fans are wanting him gone. It would be funny to see them fire him and him get paid to not coach.

" 2022: $85,950,000
2023: $76,800,000
2024: $67,550,000
2025: $58,200,000
2026: $48,750,000
2027: $39,200,000
2028: $29,550,000
2029: $19,800,000
2030: $9,950,000"

from CBS Sports: Jimbo Fisher contract buyout: How much money Texas A&M would owe coach if school moves on from mega-deal - CBSSports.com

That’s insane. As much money the boosters have, it’s hard to imagine they would get rid of him too soon. I think they’ll see how the so-called great classes workout.

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It sure appears the Boosters for A&M bought a lemon and should have some sort of escape clause based on poor performance

He better get him some fireproof drawers because that booty about to get lit up :joy::joy:

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Post game he said it wasn’t time to panic! I wouldn’t panic either knowing that umbrella is sitting there in the buyout! He may get fired before Harsin at Auburn!

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